Timeless Parallels: Veteran Voices & Classical Literature

Housing and Logistics

Theater in Epidarus

Participants may stay on-campus in the Hill School dormitories, with shared bathroom, wireless internet, access to laundry facilities, and complimentary access to the fitness center. We strongly believe that a shared housing experience will help to build a strong sense of community and encourage the exchange of ideas, as well as eliminate the expense and time lost by commuting from off-campus housing. After inquiries in the Pottstown area, we found the costs for housing to be highly reasonable and by far the most inclusive in terms of amenities. 

Participants also have the option of seeking housing off campus, though it is not the recommended housing choice. 

Hill School Campus Map

The Hill School in Pottstown, Pennsylvania will serve as host institution for the proposed project, and it will also serve as an option for participants for dining and dormitory.   

Hill School Academic Center

As an academic institution founded in 1851 and considered to be one of the finest secondary schools in the world, The Hill School has long played a critical role in serving as a leader in education. The School has hosted presidents, governors, politicians, artists, writers, and leaders in the fields of medicine, law, and finance. The physical beauty of the campus, as well as its history, will help to create a dignified and intellectually rigorous atmosphere for the proposed program. Given the ample and well-maintained and well-appointed meeting, living, research, and dining spaces, the proposed program will have access to all physical and logistical needs required for executing the proposed program. The experienced and professional support personnel at the School will be able to address all needs of the participants as they arise.

The Hill School is located at convenient distances from the three destinations to which we will travel: The Penn Archaeological Museum in Philadelphia (1 hour drive); The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City (2 hour drive); and Arts Fest at the Pennsylvania State main campus (3 hour drive).