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Who Are We?

To put it simply, the Valencia Alumni Association helps Valencia’s alumni stay in touch with one another, students and with the college. Getting involved is the perfect way to know what’s going on with Valencia, other alumni and the community.

Our Mission
Develop and provide opportunities for lifelong personal, educational and professional growth for alumni and students of Valencia College.

2015-2016 Valencia Alumni Association
The Valencia Alumni Association’s Executive Board is responsible for guiding the planning and activity of the association in collaboration with the college and foundation.  Officers and volunteers represent the association as advisors to the college and foundation, and serve as ambassadors to students, other alumni and the community.  As a team, they encourage alumni involvement in creating diverse activities and programs to meet the needs of all Valencia alumni.

Message from the President

Jennifer Mezquita

Dear Fellow Valencia Alumni,

The Valencia College Alumni Association was founded in 1979 to maintain a relationship between the college and its alumni by developing a sense of community among alumni and to promote the lifelong personal, educational, and professional growth of the alumni of the college. As a graduate of Valencia College, you should find great pride that you have received an education from one of the finest institutions in the nation and the inaugural winner of the Aspen Prize for Community College Excellence. You are now part of a network of over 100,000 alumni that live and work across the globe. Many opportunities are available for you to stay connected to Valencia. Your free membership in the Alumni Association will provide you with information regarding future plans for Valencia, leadership and networking opportunities, national discounts, cultural events, career information, a subscription to Vitae - Valencia's award-winning alumni magazine - and updates on your former classmates.

Through your involvement with the Alumni Association, you are not only connected to the college, but you are also helping to shape its future.

I encourage you to keep your contact information updated with us so that we can continue to offer you opportunities to strengthen and maintain your Valencia Alumni connections and look forward to seeing you soon at an upcoming event!

Yours in friendship & service,

Jennifer Mezquita, President
Valencia College Alumni Association

A.A. Valencia '02
B.S. University of Florida '04
M.S. University of Central Florida '08
Ed.D Doctoral Candidate '16

Valencia Alumni Leadership Board

Julie Bennett

Julie Bennett
Vice President and Chair of Scholarship Committee
A.A. Valencia College '00-Honors
B.A. Rollins College '03-Honors (Magna Cum Laude)

Zia Ansari, Past President 2014-15, 2015-16
Valencia College Alumni Association
A.A. Valencia College ‘10
B.S. University of Central Florida ‘12
M.S. Capella University '14

Liliana Calvillo
A.A. Valencia
College ‘11
B.S. University of
Central Florida ‘14

Bernard Huggins

Bernard Huggins

A.A. Valencia College '11
B.S. University of Central
Florida '13
M.S. Nova Southeastern University '15



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