Do I have to purchase a computer to be a Graphic’s major?
It’s important to note we do not require students purchase a computer or purchase the software needed to complete projects and assignments for class. This is because we offer open graphic’s labs in which our students can do all of their work. If students were preferring to purchase a computer and software so they can work from home, it would be best to purchase an Apple computer (either a Macbook Pro laptop with the largest monitor available or an iMac) as well as purchase an Adobe Creative Cloud subscription. Although both vendors offer student discounts, the cost for purchasing a computer and software is quite a significant financial investment (which is why we offer open labs).

Although we don’t offer personal tours, you’re always welcome to visit our open Graphic’s Lab facilities to ask our students, lab assistants, and lab supervisors any questions you’d like about our labs and our program. We offer classes and have separate labs on three Valencia Campuses: East: 1-213, West 3-150, and Osceola 1-244.

Do keep in mind our labs are funded through student lab fees, so only students registered for Graphic’s courses are able to use our labs.

I want to make sure I go to the lab when the lab is open, is there any way I can find out when the lab is open?
Yes! We have open lab facilities for our Graphic’s majors on the East Campus, West Campus, and Osceola Campus and each semester our LAB HOURS change. Check out our posted lab hours before traveling to campus.