Content Management System (CMS)

Web Content Management Important Steps

Not sure where begin with Web Content Management? Here are some important steps for web content managers to consider when preparing content for the public website.

  1. CMS Training
    • First, you will need access to the CMS but, in order to get access, training is required. Look for Web Content Editor Training in Valencia EDGE located in Atlas.
  2. Submit a ticket
    • After you have completed training, you must submit a ticket to request access to the part of the website you need to edit.
  3. Consistent Nomenclature
    • Since there are hundreds of files on the web server, it's important to organize files so we can all find them. When you name your files, try to think of a way to be consistent with other files so they can be found easily.
  4. Writing Content
    • Each page should have some type of content on it so you can help users understand your message. If you need help with writing content, please contact us to ask for help.
  5. Organizing Content
    • When you set up a website, you can organize the pages in a myriad of ways. Websites can grow over time as you add content so, if you need help organizing your content on pages, please contact us to ask for help.
  6. Styling Content
    • There are standards we use on the website to help make your content look good and easy to read with supporting photos. Some content can be designed to stand out while other content can be simple text. Take a look at our content examples to get an idea of the options available.
  7. Call to Action
    • Some web pages have buttons on them that help links stand out. These are styled in a way to help users see them and take the action.
  8. Web Forms
    • Web forms can help users enter the information you're looking for. All web forms send emails to you. Forms can also collect the data in a spreadsheet or allow users to send files to you. Consider using a web form instead of a paper form to help streamline your workflow.
  9. Photography
    • Please contact us to find professional photos to support your website. We can attend events or hire models to get the look you need to support your website. We also have a large repository of photos to choose from to help expedite.