Omni CMS Troubleshooting

Common issues

Omni CMS is slow

  • We recommend having no more than 4 tabs of OU Campus open at a time, it is known that having more than 4 tabs open can cause slowness. Support article

Email Link Disappears

  • Email link is lost when creating a new paragraph and pasting content below it.  Use the "insert mailto link" toolbar button in JustEdit, it adds the ?subject= parameter, and this protects the href from being lost. Screencast Video

Gadget: Page Analytics not available

  • Please submit a ticket with OIT Service Desk to request analytics setup.  

Email "Safe Links"

  • Safe links are links that are changed automatically when a link is sent through Valencia College email. The system changes the links in an email to protect users from SPAM, malicious activity or ransomware.  
  • When a safe link is published on the college website, it slows down the transfer to the website and runs the link through the Valencia College filters to make sure it's not a bad link. This takes up resources and the user's time, unnecessarily
    • EXAMPLE: %2FFDIDsupport &data=02%7C01%%40 %7C9783fbee7ee648896a1e08d7db39c
  • When you click on a safe link you may or may not notice the link was changed if it's a good or normal link.  However, when a web content editor publishes a link on a web page, it's important to remove this link and replace with the actual link.
Safe Links and Non-Safe Links Example