What is CARE?

CARE, which stands for Continuous Assessment and Responsive Engagement, is a faculty-led initiative aimed at establishing a systematic process for identifying and supporting struggling students. In other words, CARE represents an Early Alert System at Valencia.

Through the LifeMap Early Alert and Intervention (LFMP 3348) faculty development course, participants learn about Valencia’s early alert approach, which focuses on student and faculty interactions. The course will improve student learning by developing faculty sensitivity to academic and non-academic needs within their classes. Faculty will learn various resources available to support their students’ needs. They will have the opportunity to develop early alert strategies to improve student learning. With increased awareness of student support resources and practice with human-led early alert strategies, faculty will be better equipped to develop responsive approaches to learning within their classes.

LFMP 3348: LifeMap Early Alert and Intervention

2019/2020 Schedule

Fall 2019 (10 PD Hours)
Location - Online
Date - 10/3/19 to 10/31/19

Spring 2020 – Session 1 (10 PD Hours)
Location - Online
Date - 1/30/20 to 2/27/20

Spring 2020 – Session 2 (10 PD Hours)
Location - Online
Date - 3/23/20 to 4/20/20

Participants will

  • articulate the components of early alert and intervention strategies.
  • connect appropriate available resources to students exhibiting academic and non-academic at-risk behaviors.
  • integrate the elements necessary to implement and early alert and intervention plan.

Where to CARE


CARE+ Peer Coaching Program

CARE+ is an East Campus program designed to provide students with holistic support through peer coaching.  Known as CARE Coaches, our team is comprised of successful Valencia students (current or former) who can help you navigate the challenges that come with being a college student, while providing academic support for courses in subjects such as math, English, science, and New Student Experience.  As an extension of CARE, coaches are paired with faculty who have completed the LifeMap Early Alert and Intervention (LFMP 3348) course.

With the flexibility to meet in-person, online, or by phone, here are some of the ways our CARE Coaches have been helping students:

  • Understanding course content and faculty expectations
  • Improving study skills
  • Time management and productivity
  • Goal-setting and identifying resources to achieve goals.
  • Connections to resources on campus and in the community.
  • Developing a growth mindset for success.
  • And more…

Click here to watch our video and learn more about the program.

What Students are Saying...

"In the very beginning of the semester, with Biology, I had a difficult time with the material. The very first exam I failed it. From that point on I went to every study group and anything "study" related to Biology that our CARE Coach had. I never failed an exam again after that. At the end of the semester, because of the amount of information that helped me with this class from our CARE Coach, I ended up not having to go to group study hardly anymore. I also had a difficult time learning how to study for Biology. Our CARE Coach helped me understand Biology in a way that improved my studying strategies." Biology Student

"The care program has had a significant impact on my academic success through encouragement and providing resources I was unaware of. The environment provided with care is safe and reassuring. It is motivating to work with students who have gone through the class and understand often where it is the students struggle." -  Math Student

"I really loved having a care coach because I felt part of valencia more than before" - English Composition Student

"Knowing I had someone who would go out of their way to answer any academic questions I had was great. We were able to speak in person and during that time I explained my goals and what I would do to achieve them and he was very helpful and provided me with multiple resources that are available to students that can help me be successful in school." -  NSE Student

Interested in taking a course with a CARE Coach or have questions?  Email us at eacsuccesscoaching@valenciacollege.edu.

Meet our CARE Coaches

Shekinah Bryant

Shekinah Bryant

Hello, all my name is Shekinah Bryant. I am a health science pre-clinical major in the pursuit of becoming a periodontal dentist. I'm so honored to be in this position as a peer coach. I chose to take this leadership role simply because of my passion for helping others. This role helps me share the gift of exhilaration with my peers, by helping them find positivity when life challenges them will negativity. Furthermore, being a peer coach has helped me on a personal level. I've gained a generous amount of humility towards others and their wellbeing. It's also challenged me to be more open and share my life experiences with others, making interactions more relatable. So, I'm confident to say that anyone who decides to meet with me will gain more confidence in their overall academic journey and a sense of divine purpose about where they want to be in life.

"During your life, never stop dreaming. No one can take away your dreams." -Tupac Shakur

Megan Margadonna

Megan Margadonna

As a Success Coach, I want to help students become the best possible version of themselves. I have struggled knowing there are people who have my back, and I don't want others feeling the same. I am here to support students throughout their college experience and with whatever personal obstacles stand in their way.

DaJuana Frison

DaJuana Frison

I became a peer coach because I feel a sense of intrinsic motivation whenever I'm helping someone. It builds my confidence knowing that I did something to change someone's life at such a young age. Being a peer coach, the job itself it's free but the experience is priceless, it's one you can never put a price on.