Need Proctoring?

"Experience is the worst teacher. It always gives the test first and the instruction afterward" - unknown

The East campus Testing Center can proctor exams for any distance learning programs from other institutions or state agencies during our regular hours. Each test proctored costs $25.

To have an exam proctored:

  1. Submit a Proctor Request
  2. Provide your university/instructor with our site information.
  3. Come to the East campus testing center in building 4, room 124 and pick up your fee slip.
  4. Take your fee slip to the East campus business office in building 5, room 214 to pay your proctor fee(s).
  5. Bring your receipt to the testing center to take your test.

Proctor Request

As the student, you are responsible for all proctoring fees unless your college/school/business pays them for you.

All exams must be submitted directly from faculty or testing divisions.

Site Information

Valencia College - East Campus

Testing Center, Building 4, Room 124
701 N. Econlochatchee Trail
Orlando, FL 32825

Interoffice Mail Code: 3-18

Primary E-mail:
Office Phone: 407.582.2428
Office Fax: 407.582.8916

Alison M. Langevin
Lab Supervisor - Testing
Phone: 407.582.2484