Math Depot

Are you looking for a way to improve test grades, needing some help with homework, or just not understanding a concept that’s being taught in class? You’ve come to the right place! The Depot can provide alternative learning resources to help you understand a concept via online learning modules, helpful tips, study sessions, and one-on-one help from our staff. Assistance is also available for MAT0018, MAT0022, MAT0028, and MAT1033 exams, because we provide additional resources to help you study.

If you have questions or would like more information about the Math Depot, you can contact us by us by email to speak to any of our friendly staff.

Distance Tutoring

Our goal is to continue to support your needs and provide the same level of assistance virtually as we provided you through traditional, face-to-face tutoring.

Meet Our Staff

Vanina AchilleMath OSCInstructional Lab Assistant(407) 582-4718
Rebecca BarnettSPD MathLearning Assistant II(407) 582--4798
Zaheer BlackMath OSCPart-Time Faculty, Math(407) 582-4283
Monica CantrallMath OSCPart-Time Faculty, Math
Enaud CelestinMath OSCPart-Time Faculty, Math(407) 582-4283
Devin DaPonteMath OSCPart-Time Faculty, Math
Dan DeRosaMath OSCInstructional Lab Supervisor(407) 582-4366
Magali DiazStudent Activity Tutoring PNCLearning Assistant II(407) 582-4146
Sergio EstrellaMath OSCPart-Time Faculty, Math(407) 582-4107
Gianvito FagiolinoMath OSCPart-Time Faculty, Math(407) 582-4107
Johnie ForsytheMath OSCTeaching Math Coordinator(321) 682-4178
Joshua NyrosMath OSCPart-Time Faculty, Math(407) 582-4176
Yuriela PaulinoMath OSCPart-Time Faculty, Math
Susana Salinas De RomeroMath OSCInstructional Lab Assistant,Sr(321) 682-4856
Tamara SheppardMath OSCPart-Time Faculty, Math(321) 682-4283
Emmanuel VargasMath OSCCurriculum Assistant, Senior(407) 582-4928
Emily WalkerMath OSCLearning Assistant II(321) 682-4856

Help for Courses

  • MAT0018C Developmental Math I
  • MAT0022C Developmental Math Combined
  • MAT0028C Developmental Math II
  • MAT1033C Intermediate Algebra
  • STA1001C Statistical Reasoning
  • PERT Preparation