ATLAS Account and E-Mail Retention Procedures

In order to maintain efficiency of Valencia College's student portal (Atlas) system, the following policy will be followed to remove inactive and unused Atlas accounts.

Student Accounts:

All student Atlas accounts for Inactive students (a student who has not registered for classes in two or more years) will be deleted.

  • Deleted Atlas account emails will not be preserved
  • Deleted Atlas accounts can only be reactivated by the account holder when the account holder’s status becomes re-eligible (Inactive students may become re-eligible for an Atlas account after they have reapplied for admission to Valencia College). Inactive students do not require an Atlas account to request official transcripts; click here for more information about requesting official transcripts. Reach out to one of our Student Support Services if you need additional assistance..

Employee Accounts:

All employee Atlas accounts that have not been activated or accessed via login within the prior 18 months will be automatically deleted.

  • deleted Atlas account email will not be preserved
  • deleted Atlas accounts will be able to be reactivated by the account holder if their status is still eligible

Atlas User Acceptance Agreement