Virtual English Language Training

This English program is intensive and online for residents in the United States and students who live abroad. Classes are real-time virtual. Students interact on a video chat room with an instructor and classmates. Valencia College uses the Canvas Learning Management system and Zoom for video meetings. Students must have a laptop to attend this online program.


Program Placement

Students are placed in their appropriate level thanks to an English placement test taken online two weeks before classes start. It includes listening, speaking, reading, and writing portions.


  • Eight levels from low beginner through mid-advanced.
  • Three start dates per year.
  • Classes meet two hours a day from 6:00pm to 8:00pm (Eastern Standard Time).
  • Each level takes 14 weeks.
  • Instructors use the communicative approach to make the class interactive.
  • Students must get a final 70% score minimum to continue to the next level.
  • Students can transfer to the Intensive English Program (face-to-face) only after taking the placement test again.
  • Each level has a three-day weekend every two weeks and one week off every seven weeks.


Program Levels (8)

VELT Level 1 Low Beginner VELT Level 4 Low Intermediate VELT Level 7 Low Advanced
VELT Level 2 Mid Beginner VELT Level 5 Mid Intermediate VELT Level 8 Mid Advanced
VELT Level 3 High Beginner VELT Level 6 High Intermediate  


Course Materials

After the placement test, you will receive an email with your level, class information, and the book list. Books must be purchased before the start of class. They are available for sale at the Online Campus Bookstore or other commonly used book websites if you live abroad.