From the ancient world to the contemporary scene, the Humanities take you on an odyssey through time, encountering changing trends in artistic expression and modes thought that have shaped the world we live in. Valencia College offers a variety of Humanities courses at every level, from introductory to honors.

In every Humanities course, you experience the spirit of creativity and innovation in the arts. You discover where today's leading ideas come from and understand the ways that history shapes your life. Above all, you expand your horizons and glimpse the exciting diversity of world cultures.

Frequently Asked Questions

Studying the humanities, you will learn to:

  • Interact successfully with people of diverse backgrounds
  • Feel comfortable in a museum or concert hall
  • Think through your own ideas with help from the world's greatest thinkers
  • Apply your creative abilities to new problems
  • Communicate your thoughts and feelings more clearly
  • Enjoy your travels to the world's most interesting places

People who love the humanities may choose a career as:

  • Financial manager for a ballet company
  • Curator of a museum or gallery
  • Designer of educational computer software
  • Elementary or secondary school teacher
  • Free-lance magazine writer

In any career, the humanities will help you to:

  • Work in a team with different kinds of people
  • Be sensitive to the diverse cultural influences in family and workplace
  • Reason through new problems and important decisions
  • Analyze and interpret symbolic expression of all kinds
  • Savor the beauty of the world around you
  • PDF Degree Pathway in Humanities