Graphic and Interactive Design, 
Associate in Science Degree (A.S.)

By providing students with theoretical and classroom experience which closely parallels on-the-job activities, this program prepares students for careers in the graphics industry.

Recharging Creative Minds

As a graphics major you'll know what it means to kern type, crop photos, and "lose the widows." You'll become intrigued by art direction, and know a stage is not just for acting it's also for animating. And you'll understand that speaking new languages prepares you for your journey to designing for the World Wide Web. Valencia's A.S. degree program in Graphic and Interactive Design prepares graduates for careers in print and advertising design or web and interactive design, giving them the skills they need and insight from real world designers. Graduates have landed jobs in design studios, advertising agencies, printing companies, web design firms, interactive design companies and other highly creative environments. Orlando boasts a wide reaching and wildly diverse graphics arts community. Designers here are involved in advertising, band poster design, web design, animation, interface design and everything in between.

Starting With Creative Excellence

With a trusted reputation in the Orlando creative industry, we pride ourselves in educating some of the most talented designers in Central Florida. Our students have received recognition in local, regional, national, and even international competitions. Their accomplishments include over 100 ADDY Awards, Florida Print Awards, the Create Awards, the ONE Show, Print Magazine, and Siggraph. And perhaps part of the reason why many local employers are impressed with hiring our graduates is also because we understand what the industry expects from graduates. Real world experience combined with reinforcing various employable skills ranging from the creative process to communication all make the graphics technology program a great start for anyone seeking to start right in a creative career.

Degrees Offered

The Graphic Design Specialization prepares students to become graphic designers, publication designers, layout artists, advertising designers, user interface designers, user experience designers, production artists or creative technicians. It provides instruction in courses directly related to developing job skills for entry-level positions in advertising agencies, design studios and art departments for retail and other businesses. This specialization is best suited for people who are artistic, creative and enjoy traditional as well as computer design.T

The Interactive Design specialization prepares students to become entry-level web designers, user interface designers, user experience designers, multimedia artists or interactive designers. If you enjoy creating graphics, developing interactive media and/or designing web pages, you will enjoy this specialization.

Certificates We Offer:

The Graphic and Interactive Design A.S. degree also offers the following college credit certificate programs. These certificate programs can put you on the fast-track to reaching your career goals. They are designed to equip you with a specialized skill set for entry-level employment or
to upgrade your skills for job advancement. Most can be completed in one year or less, and all of the courses in the certificate programs are embedded in the A.S. degree. 

This program is designed to provide students with the skills required to produce layouts, imagery and graphic elements for print, advertising design and web design. The certificate focuses on the application of good design principles and the utilization of industry-standard production techniques as well as software and hardware at an intermediate level.

Graphic Design Support (15 credits) 

This program is designed to provide students with the skills required to assist with the production of layouts and graphics for design or presentation projects for print. The certificate focuses on the application of good design principles and the utilization of industry-standard production techniques as well as software and hardware at a basic level.

This program is designed to provide students with the skills required to produce images, design functional web layouts and interactive media for the internet or other user interfaces. The certificate focuses on the application of appropriate production techniques, web coding languages and the use of industry-standard software and hardware at an intermediate level.T

This program is designed to provide students with the skills required to assist with the production of graphic elements, basic web design layouts and interactive media for the internet or other user interfaces. The certificate focuses on the application of appropriate production techniques and the use of industry-standard software and hardware at basic level.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Please review the frequently asked questions prior to contacting the Graphics Program with questions.


Why should I choose to major in Graphic & Interactive Design? With the increase growth in technology there is a higher demand for graphic, interactive, and web designers. Those choosing to major in Graphic & Interactive Design desire career satisfaction and possess qualities including creativity, capable of solving problems, good communication skills, ability to meet deadlines and manage projects, and willingness to work hard. Those that have made the decision to major in Graphic & Interactive Design are often artistic and have experience with computers.

What type of job would I be able to work once graduating with a Graphic & Interactive Designdegree? Graduates work in positions such as web designers, graphic designers, graphic artists, web production designers, layout designers, user interaction designer, user experience designer, interaction designer, publication designers, production artists, and digital media designers.

What type of salary should be expected once graduating? The estimated salary range for a Graphic & Interactive Design major is $25,000 to $40,000 per year. This is fantastic considering our program only costs approximately $9,100 (including books/supplies).

What ways can I learn beyond the classroom? Students are encouraged to take advantage of the opportunity they have to go beyond the classroom and join organizations such as Visual Voices of Valencia, The Creatologists, the Orlando Chapter of AIGA (American Institute of Graphic Arts), Ad2 (an advertising group for young professionals) and OAF (Orlando Advertising Federation). Throughout the year all organizations hold seminars, workshops, and guest speakers which would benefit students majoring in Graphic, interactive, or web design. In addition, by joining these organizations students have the opportunity to network with other individual's in the graphic design industry.

I registered for a 3 credit hour course; why is the class nearly 4 hours long? There is usually one hour of lab time factored into most class times. During this time instructors are available to answer questions and provide assistance to students. Students may also be given this additional time to work on course projects.

I want to make sure I go to the lab when the lab is open, is there any way I can find out when the lab is open? We keep our East, West and Osceola lab hours posted on our website/blog here:


Why can't I take a class such as Electronic Imaging or Adobe Illustrator before taking Graphic Design Essentials? Graphic Design Essentials is required prior to taking most other Graphics courses so it is highly recommended that students enroll in this course early in the program. This course will overview software such as Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign. An emphasis will also be placed on the use of typography, design, layout, color, pre-press production. Prior to completion of Graphic Design Essentials students will undergo a timed, hands-on competency exam. Graphic Design Essentials provides a fundamental understanding of programs such as photoshop and illustrator and therefore it is a prerequisite for classes such as Electronic Imaging and Adobe Illustrator.

What if I wish to take a class but I haven't taken the prerequisite course required to for the course? It is highly recommended that students enroll in prerequisite courses prior to ensure they are adequately educated and prepared for each course. In some special circumstances, such as a student transfering from another school, students are able to take a course without the prerequisite course. Students desiring to take a course without taking a prerequisite course must demonstrate sufficient experience to take the course which requires a prerequisite. Students who feel they are capable of taking a course without prior completion of a prerequisite course may request an override which will be approved or disapproved by the program director based on the students competency for the required course demonstrated in their portfolio, by way of taking a competency exam and/or by way of transfer credits from another college-level institution.


What is an override? An override may grant a student permission to take a course if they have not taken the required prerequisite course or if the course is filled at the time of registration. The program director is responsible for approving and disapproving overrides.

How is it decided who receives an override? Students closest to completing their degree are given higher priority when override decisions are made. Students requesting overrides due to lack of completion of prerequisite courses should demonstrate competency to take the course requiring an override via a portfolio review and proof of college-level instruction from another institution.

When are override decisions made? Overrides decisions are made after the payment deadline purge date prior to the beginning of each semester.

The class I wish to take is full on West Campus but not on East Campus. Can I request an override to take the course on West Campus? No overrides requests will be accepted for courses if the same course is not full on another campus.


When is the best time to take portfolio? Portfolio Review is to be scheduled during your graduating semester and you should not take any other classes that semester except for Internship.

What should I expect during portfolio review class? Although the course is only one credit hour, this is undoubtedly one of the most demanding and time consuming courses Graphic & Interactive Design students face during their degree. During this course students prepare their past projects for their portfolio and often rework past projects. In addition students will design an identity/logo for themselves as well as a business card, letterhead, and self-promotional piece. Students will also refine their resume. All of this hard work is reflected during their portfolio review with professionals in the industry. Students should expect to also take a timed competency exam during the course, where they must score a minimum of a 70%

What is the competency exam and why do I have to take it to complete the portfolio review course? The competency exam is a timed examination where student will be evaluated for their ability to design and use necessary software to produce a printed publication or a website with files they are supplied with. The competency exam measures students capabilities and reflects the knowledge and experience they have gained in the program. After completing the competency exam students should feel confident that they are capable of working in an entry-level position as a Graphic, Interactive, or Web Designer.


When is the best time to take the internship course? The best time to take the internship course is during your last semester while you are taking Portfolio Review.

What do I need to do to register for the internship course? To get the best idea of how to register for internship and what to expect from the interning experience, students are required to view this orientation prior to being registered: More Information