Director's Note

A Note from the Director of the School of Arts and Entertainment

2022 Spring Arts Week Theme: “Intentional Imagination”

The COVID-19 Pandemic is in a new phase, and we are at a point of transition. We are venturing back into places together. The terrain is achingly familiar, yet disconcertingly different. It’s also full of new possibilities.

Now we are in need of artists.

Artists serve society by helping us grieve that which is lost, find joy in that which remains, and imagine that which might be. In a blog post titled “This too is what we train for”, Andrew Simonet, founder of Artists U, urges artists to fight the impulse to return to the normal of 2019. Instead, he suggests we take what we learned and reframe our creative practices.

“This is an unprecedented opportunity to claim space, reframe practices, and amplify voices (yours and others). Do you see a possibility, something useful as we get back together? Now is the moment for intention, for imagining and constructing New Normals. Those who move with urgency and vision will find relevance and resource.”

Spring Arts Week 2022 invites you to share your vision for an inspired “New Normal” through performance, visual art, and creative activities.

Rebekah Lane
Rebekah Lane MA, MFA

Valencia College, School of Arts and Entertainment

Spring Arts Week
Applications Open

Application Deadline: Nov. 23, 2021

Faculty, Staff, are invited to submit an application to facilitate a workshop, open class, or performance. Registered Student Organizations (Student Clubs) are invited to host a workshop or share a performance.