Note from the Director

2021 Spring Arts Week Theme: Belonging

A note from the director of the School of Arts and Entertainment

We are experiencing a time of uncertainty and unrest, across the globe and within our country. In times like this we seek comfort. We seek safety. We look for places and groups that offer acceptance. We see that fear can be a force for exclusion. These ideas can be bound together within the concept of “belonging.” What does it mean to belong? In her book Belonging: A Culture of Place, American author and professor bell hooks (sic) writes, “Searching for a place to belong, I make a list of what I will need to create firm ground. At the top of the list I write: ‘I need to live where I can walk. I need to be able to walk to work, to the store, to a place where I can sit and drink tea and fellowship. Walking, I will establish my presence as one who is claiming the earth, creating a sense of belonging, a culture of place.’” Questions of “belonging” are more prevalent than ever right now. These questions include ways to feel ownership of space, but also investigate places that make us feel welcome, safe, and included.

The arts are a powerful tool for examining the world. Each year we set a new theme for the festival. Spring Arts Week 2021 encourages artists and facilitators to investigate “belonging” through performance, visual art, and creative activities.

Rebekah Lane
Rebekah Lane MA, MFA

Valencia College, School of Arts and Entertainment

Spring Arts Week
Spring Arts Week
March 1 – 5, 2021