Full-time and Adjunct Theater Faculty

Full-time Faculty

  • John DiDonna

    Program Chair/Artistic Director, Theater

  • Kristin Abel

    Theater Technology

  • Ginny Kopf

    (Voice for the Actor, Movement, Stage Dialects, Acting)

  • Ann LaPietra

    Audio/Visual (PAC Manager)

  • Greg Loftus

    Theater Technology

  • Sonia Pasqual

    Theater Technology

  • David 'Ross' Rauschkolb

    Technical Director, Theater

  • Heather Sladick

    Theater Technology (PAC Tech Spvr)

Adjunct Faculty

  • Jehad Choate

  • Eric Craft

  • Timothy DeBaun

  • Rebekah Lane

  • Kathleen Lindsey-Moulds

  • Virginia McKinney

  • Donald Rupe

  • Michael Shugg

  • Aradhana Tiwari

  • Jonathan Whiteley

  • Timothy Williams