Paramedic Technology

Technical Certificate

The Certificate in Paramedic Technology is a complete program and also can be the second part of the Associate in Science (A.S.) Degree in Emergency Medical Services Technology (EMS), which has three parts. The first part of the degree is the Technical Certificate in Emergency Medical Technician, and the third part consists of the General Education and Elective courses required for the degree. To earn this degree, all three parts must be completed. The EMT Technical Certificate must be completed successfully as a major requirement for continuing to the limited access Paramedic Certificate; however, the General Education and Elective courses for the A.S. Degree can be completed at any time.

Certificate Overview

Review course descriptions, important dates and deadlines and other programs details in the official college catalog.

Program Length

EMT TC lasts for 1 semester. If you also complete the Paramedic TC (3 semesters), you only need to take the general education courses to earn your EMS degree.

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Our Health Science Advising Office is available to answer your questions, provide details about the program and courses, and to help you understand the admission requirements. Fill out this form to have the program staff contact you.

Average Salary

EMT average salaries ranges from $32,000 – $42,000

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Admission into Paramedic Technology

Important Information

Application Information

Paramedic admits every Fall for West Campus, and every Spring for Osceola Campus.

Application: Available Here May 2024                        

Deadline: May 31st, 2024 at 11:59PM                           

Begins: Fall 2024 (West Campus)

For application questions, please contact us:

Steps for Admission to Program

  • 1Attend a Program Information Session. Please bring a copy of the program guide for your desired track with you. If you are not local and cannot attend the information session, review the  program guide and read the Frequently Asked Questions.
  • 2Apply to Valencia College.
  • 3Complete required general education courses before applying to the program.
  • 4Once your transcripts have been received and evaluated, and if you meet eligibility requirements, you can apply to the program.

Frequently Asked Questions

Paramedic Technology

Do I need to be a student at Valencia to apply?

Yes. You must complete the admission process to the college before you submit a Paramedic program application. You can apply online or email if you have any questions.

What courses do I need to take prior to applying to the Paramedic program?

Complete EMS1010 or BSC1084 Essentials of Human Structure and Function, the Prerequisite for Admission, with a minimum grade of C. EMS1010 or BSC1084 may be in progress at the time of program application but must be completed with a minimum grade of C by the program start date.

To be competitive for admission, additional Science and General Education courses should be completed with high grades. See the point system in the  Current Program Guide.

BSC2093C and BSC2094C may substitute for EMS1010 or BSC1084. BSC 2094C may be in progress at the time of application and completed with a minimum grade of C by the program start date.

Are the prerequisite courses offered online?

No. But the General Education courses that award additional points usually are offered online.

Do I have to take all the prerequisites at a particular campus?

Yes, the Essentials of Human Structure and Function course is only offered on the West campus

Do I need to take the Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS) before I apply?

No. The Paramedic program does not require the TEAS.

Will my courses from other colleges transfer to Valencia?

Once you have applied to Valencia, you will need to request official transcripts sent from your previous institution. The admissions office will evaluate all transcripts once they are received to determine transfer credit; equivalent courses will be posted in your Valencia Atlas account.

What is the minimum overall GPA to apply to the Paramedic program?

You must be in ‘Good Standing’ which requires a minimum 2.0 overall GPA, including all undergraduate transfer work.

How many students are accepted into the Paramedic program and how often?

The West Paramedic program accepts approximately 50 students for the Fall term, and the Osceola Paramedic program accepts approximately 30 students for the Spring term.

Do students in the Paramedic program conduct peer-to-peer examinations?

In the Paramedic Program simulation is used for all hands on skills.

Can students accepted into the Paramedic program be exposed to blood borne pathogens?

The Paramedic program may have clinical experiences that may expose the student to blood borne pathogens via contact with bodily fluids such as blood and saliva. Students accepted into these programs will be expected to adhere to Centers for Disease Control guidelines regarding the use of Universal Precautions which includes the use of personal protective equipment such as masks, gloves, and eyewear.

How many clinical hours are in the Paramedic program and what credential would I be eligible to sit for upon successful completion?

The Paramedic program consists of 1,155 hours: 533 lab & clinical hours, 452 lecture hours and 170 field hours. Graduates of the Paramedic program are eligible to sit for the National Registry Paramedic exam to earn certification.

How successful are your Paramedic graduates in finding employment?

The five year average Licensure Rate for Paramedic graduates is 91% and the five year average Placement Rate for Paramedic graduates is 90%.

What is the schedule like if I am accepted into the EMT program?

The Paramedic program has both a daytime and night-time program on the West and Osceola campuses and is shift-friendly; its time demands should be considered the equivalent of a fulltime job as students are expected to devote a minimum of 30 hours a week to the program - if a student chooses to work while in the program, a maximum of 30 hours a week is recommended due to the demands of the program. Time management is crucial to successful program completion!