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Last Updated: 08/28/2020 11:00 AM

We look forward to supporting you this term. Most courses will remain online with a limited number offered on campuses. All of our services, including our Answer Center and Advising Center, are available online.

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Areas of Study

With more than 120 degree programs available, learn what you want in the industry that you want. Each program prepares you for a higher-wage, in-demand career and provides you with the skills that employers are looking for. 

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Exploratory Program Image

If you’re planning on getting a bachelor’s degree, then the A.A. is for you. It satisfies the first two years at a university—at a much affordable cost and smaller class sizes.


  • Equal to first two years at a university
  • Degree Pathways and Degree Pathways
Arts & Entertainment Program Image
Arts and Entertainment

Whether your passion is design, music, theatre or film, we’ll help turn your talent into a living. Learn first hand from industry pros and create a portfolio that stands out.


  • Associate Degrees and Certificates
Business Program Image

Lead a team. Build a strategy. Set yourself apart with a degree that gives you in-depth understanding of the business world and the confidence to keep moving it forward.


  • Associate Degrees and Certificates
Communications Program Image

You talk. People listen. Learn how to bring important conversations to a mass audience—from editorial reporting to ad writing or sign language to public relations.


  • One A.A. Degree Pathway
Education Program Image

We share your passion. For teaching. For learning. For leading a class. Gain experience alongside professional educators to help you succeed in the classroom and beyond.


  • Prepare for Florida teacher certification
Engineering Program Image
Engineering and Technology

Bring concepts to completion. Build houses, websites, mobile apps, laser systems or computer networks. Companies are in need of the problem-solving skills we teach.


  • Bachelor's, Associate and Certificates
Health Sciences & Nursing Program Image
Health Sciences and Nursing

Few professions match the importance or reward of a job in health care. Our programs will give you the skills and confidence to answer the call when others need help.


  • Associate and Bachelor's degrees
Hospitality & Culinary Program Image
Hospitality and Culinary

Cook or book. Plan menus or events. As the epicenter of hospitality, Orlando has a world of opportunities available. Our programs give you the tools to take them on.


  • Career and Certificate Programs
Information Technology Program Image
Information Technology

Help businesses thrive. Learn from professionals who live and breathe binary code, helping you become fluent while putting your tech prowess to good use.


  • Associate Degrees and Certificates
Plant Sciences Program Image
Plant Sciences and Agricultural Technology

Design the outdoors. Nurture a nursery. Manage company growth. Find a path that gets you into one of the fastest-growing industries in the Sunshine State.


  • Degree Pathway or Career Path
Public Safety Program Image
Public Safety and Paralegal Studies

Your integrity is the perfect fit to our instruction. Learn the skills to lead in law enforcement or firefighting, or make your mark with a paralegal degree.


  • Degrees, Certificates and Advanced Training
Science & Mathematics Program Image
Science and Mathematics

Numbers. Proofs. Equations and expressions. Put your passion to work. Prepare for a high-paying job as a mathematician, biologist, chemist, researcher and more.


  • Associate Degree Degree Pathways
Social Sciences Program Image
Social Sciences

Culture. Philosophy. Past societies. Political futures. Gain a greater understanding of our world, the events that shaped it and what’s destined to repeat itself.


  • Associate Degree Degree Pathways

You have questions. We’ve got the answers.

Our Answer Centers are here to guide you from application through graduation. Get help with admissions, financial aid, registration or other enrollment steps.