Student, Faculty & Employee Engagement Hub

Pathify is an innovative higher ed engagement hub that puts students at the center of their college journey. We elevate the information that matters and background the rest, making it simpler for students to discover and engage with the opportunities your institution provides — at every step of their higher ed journey.

When our current portal, Atlas, was announced as end-of-life, OIT started looking at other products. We sat through many demos and contacted multiple schools who'd chosen to implement these tools. At the end of our journey, we determined that Pathify was the best fit for Valencia.

During our research we had quite a few demos of functionality from Pathify. Our developers also attended Pathify's Summit presentations, giving us an idea what other schools were doing with the tool. If you'd like a taste of what Pathify is all about you can watch one of the recorded demos below.

Atlas Replacement Project

Would like to know more about the process we took in selecting a new tool?

Senior Team Meeting

This is a short, high-level demo of Pathify tools & capabilities

Advisor Meeting

A longer Pathify demo focusing on the communication tools.


Frequently Asked Questions

How is Pathify different from Atlas?

Pathify is an engagement hub. Atlas had become merely a list of links leading users to other web applications. Pathify provides a personalized, centralized dashboard to guide the student journey. Users will only see information relevant to them. The right information, to the right person at the right time.

What is an ""Engagement Hub""?

The traditional student portal/link farm provides the same value as a complex treasure map where X marks the spot. Students consistently say they have no idea what content and resources their school invests in. Pathify’s Engagement Hub eliminates the dense digital jungle, enabling schools to proactively push the right content to the right people and drive student success.

What is the mobile app used for?

All features and functionality of the Pathify Engagement Hub perform via web or native mobile app (iOS and Android) so all students access it anywhere.

Why are we replacing Atlas?

The tool that powers Atlas, Ellucian's Luminis is at the end of its life. A year long review of possible replacement tools along with an RFI process has led Valencia to choose Pathify as our replacement

Will I lose access to the things I use?

You will continue to have access to all systems you had before. Atlas will look different, but will be much more user friendly.

Is there a problem with Atlas?

There is no problem with the stability of our current Atlas. We have selected Pathify as our replacement to provide a better experience for students, faculty & staff.

Is Valencia replacing Atlas with a mobile app?

The portal will not be completely replaced by a mobile application. There is a robust mobile app experience that comes with Pathify as our new tool. You will be able to access everything in the Pathify Mobile app that you could if you viewed it in a web browser. Accessing the website will be optimized for mobile phone, tablet and desktop viewing.

More FAQ

Stay Tuned, more info about Valencia's journey to Pathify is coming soon.

Questions? Comments?

If you have any questions about the Pathify project, please feel free to contact us!