Facts and Tips

Please send back any unused interoffice envelopes that each department can spare to Courier Services. Please put them in your outgoing mailbox so the couriers may pick them up when completing their mail route. This will help us save budget dollars by limiting the amount of interoffice envelopes and rubber bands we need to purchase for the college. Thank you!!

Interoffice Mail


If I don't know the mail code for interoffice mail, may I only put the name of the recipient?

No. Always check the phone directory or Microsoft Outlook when you have a question on what the mail code of your recipient is prior to placing any interoffice envelope or package out for delivery. Always include the name of the recipient, their mail code, your name, and mail code so we are able to return the envelope or package to you in the event we are unable to complete the delivery. This will allow for your item to reach the end user in a more timely manner.

Refrain from checking Banner for mail codes. Banner is not up to date with current mail codes. The phone directory and Microsoft Outlook are your best resources.

What if I only know the office and building number?

Use this as the last resort, but please include the campus (East, West, OSC, DO, SPS).

College-Related Mail / Inter-Office Packages

What about college-related mail and Inter-Office Packages?

  • All college-related mail should have a return address and mail code on the envelope.
  • Oversized or thick-packaged envelopes should be sealed since our mail meter will be unable to seal them on your behalf.
  • Complete the Internal Package Movement Request form located under Valencia Forms or click on the tab located on our web page for this form.
  • Please follow the instructions provided. We will be unable to transport your items without this form.

How should I send International Mail?

First, double check address and make sure address is complete and legible (Phone, City, Country and code if available).

Separate all international mail by putting a rubber band and a note stating INTERNATIONAL, even if it is one piece.

Personal Mail

Do you sell stamps?

We do not sell stamps in the Mailroom, though they can be purchased at the Bookstore. We are only authorized to apply postage on college related business mailing.

What about personal mail?

All personal mail must be stamped prior to placing it inside your outgoing mail bin. We will only apply postage onto mail that is marked on approved Valencia College stationary. If you have any questions on this, please contact Courier Services.

Copy Paper / Toner Request

For toner, please e-mail Courier Services with your 5 digit system id number.

For copy paper , please e-mail the Courier Service office that takes care of your campus.