With SharePoint, you can find out how easy it is for teams and individuals to create Web sites for information sharing and document collaboration. SharePoint sites allow Valencia employees to work together on documents, tasks, contacts, events, and other information. Unfortunately, at this time, sharing outside of the Valencia network is not an option.

A "Team Site" has a number of very powerful built-in features including a shared calendar, announcements, task list, contacts list, web links, document libraries, photo libraries, discussion groups, and surveys. The beauty of this kind of site is that anyone who has access to the site can be given permissions to post information and it is as easy as saving a file or completing a form on a web site. Any team member with permissions and Internet access can post documents to the shared document libraries. Anyone (with permissions) can participate in discussion groups and access the other shared Team Site features. To get started with SharePoint, all you need is a Web Browser and Internet access.

A "My Site" is a Web space that provides each SharePoint member an environment to share information about them as well as create a social center where other SharePoint members may connect to them. This area is really the heart of the social world within SharePoint as from this page one can manage their Professional Profile, Personal Site (Web space), Colleagues and even create a Blog.

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Please submit your request well in advance of your required deadline. Some Web projects can take longer than others to complete.

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