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Grenka FletcherExec Dean's Office WPKCoordinator, Academic Affairs(407) 582-6870
Sal NavarroExec Dean's Office WPKMgr, Campus Operations- WPK(407) 582-6800
John NissExec Dean's Office WPKInterim Executive Dean, WPC(407) 582-6858


Lisa MoodieCampus Store WPKCampus Store Manager(407) 582-6950


Suzette AshtonSpeech WPKProfessor, Speech(407) 582-6855
Jason BalseraitEnglish WPKProfessor, English(407) 582-6824
Chris BorglumEnglish WPKProfessor, English(407) 582-6869
Paul ChapmanHumanities WPKProfessor, Humanities(407) 582-6819
Nadine DanielsBiological Science WPKProfessor, Biology
Jean Marie FuhrmanReading WPKProfessor, Reading(407) 582-6865
Damion HammockMath WPKProfessor, Mathematics(407) 582-6917
Genie MogollonMath WPKProfessor, Mathematics(407) 582-6522
John NissExec Dean's Office WPKInterim Executive Dean, WPC(407) 582-6858
Benjamin OhwovorioleEnglish WPKProfessor, English(407) 582-6523
Jamie PrusakBiological Science WPKProfessor, Biology(407) 582-6114
Marva PryorBusiness WPKProfessor, Business(407) 582-6016
Upasana SantraMath WPKProfessor, Mathematics(407) 582-6859
Val WoldmanHumanities WPKProfessor, Humanities(407) 582-6941

Learning Support

Chris BrownEnglish WPKTeaching Lab Supervisor(407) 582-6820
Adam JohnsonLibrary WPKEmerging Tech Librarian(407) 582-6019
Lisa KeetonMath WPKCoord, Math Department(407) 582-6817
Hans LiburdStandardized TestingAssessment Coordinator(407) 582-6527
Annie RogersLibrary WPKEmerging Tech Library Spec
Nelson Torres ArroyoLibrary WPKMgr, Learning Support Services(407) 582-6815

Peace and Justice Institute

Rachel AllenHumanities EACDirector, Peace and Justice In(407) 582-2709
Will JeffersonPeace and Justice InstituteAdmin Mgr, PJI Community(407) 582-6525
Britney PiercePeace and Justice InstituteImplementation Coordinator() 582-2291
LaTasha ThomasPeace and Justice InstituteStaff Assistant II(407) 582-6524


Kenneth OlsenCampus Security Svcs EACSecurity Field Supervisor(407) 582-2000

Student Services

Danielle ColleyDean of Students WPKAcademic Advisor(407) 582-6010
Julie CordermanDean of Students WPKDir, Student Services, WP(407) 582-6868
Joe FalkDean of Students WPKStudent Services Advisor(407) 582-6903
Natalie HofreiterDean of Students WPKCoord, Student Services(407) 582-6890
Gerri McCormickFinancial Aid Office WPKFinancial Aid Specialist
Cheryl MillerDean of Students WPKStaff Assistant II(407) 582-6908
Marcia RomanDean of Students WPKCounselor(407) 582-6887
Mike SanchezDean of Students WPKCoord, Program Advisor(407) 582-6526

Student Development

Sunni Favali-PrevattStudent ActivityCoord, Student Development(407) 582-6889
Nathalie MillerStudent ActivityStaff Assistant II(407) 582-6956