Successful Engagement: Active Learning in Mathematics (SEAL‐M)

Coaching and Mentoring

Successful Engagement: Active Learning in Mathematics (SEAL-M), a 5-year NSF grant project, seeks to deepen community college mathematics faculty members’ understanding of active learning to emphasize knowledge construction leading to student success. The SEAL-M grant at Valencia College is a natural outgrowth from our Building Math Pathways work at Valencia College that took place prior to the pandemic. SEAL-M brings math pedagogy and engagement to the next level through a cohort support system to empower math faculty to learn about how to use active learning specifically in mathematics. Traditional professional development has focused on active learning in general.

SEAL-M uses a cohort support system with friendly networking opportunities. Cohorts work together in mentorship pairs to design active learning that engages students in doing, thinking, and creating knowledge that promotes student ownership of their learning. Our project is a fun, collaborative way to take your teaching to the next level. Together, we are taking math learning and engagement to the next level. We know that professional development and support is key to successfully implementing any new teaching strategy.

Check out our resource area for more information including our project overview, research questions, the research team, participants, and our ongoing repository that is being created and expanded through the work of the participants in this project.

Sidra Van De CarMath EACProfessor, Mathematics(407) 582-2032

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Successful Engagement of Faculty: Promoting Widespread Use of Active Learning in Mathematics is funded by The National Science Foundation under Improving Undergraduate STEM Education, EHR-2111262, 10/2021 – 9/2026.