Spanish Walk In Tutoring Hours

Monday: 8am-6pm

Tuesday: 9am-7pm

Wednesday: 8am-6pm

Thursday: 9am-6pm

Friday: 9am-3pm

No Appointment is needed. Please bring your Valencia ID. See this link for more information about how to get the most out of your tutoring experience: What to Expect From Tutoring

The Foreign Language Lab offers learning support resources for students enrolled in the following Spanish courses:

  • Conversational Spanish I
  • Conversational Spanish II
  • Elementary Spanish I
  • Elementary Spanish II
  • Intermediate Spanish I
  • Intermediate Spanish II
  • Spanish for Heritage Speakers I
  • Spanish for Heritage Speakers II

Spanish Online Tutoring

If you need tutoring assistance outside of the hours provided by Valencia's tutoring team or if you need tutoring in a subject that is not offered through Valencia's online tutoring (e.g., nursing and information technology), you can access additional tutoring services through Brainfuse.