Writing Center

Valencia Writes Together

Writing tutoring is available on a drop-in basis in Building 1, Room 230 (The Tutoring Center).

Writing tutors are happy to work with you on any type of writing or communication; for example, we can help with a research paper, discussion post, or a speech! The assignments don't have to be for an English class; we often help with humanities, psychology, government, New Student Experience, and more. You're not limited to Valencia courses, either, as we assist with scholarship and admissions essays, cover letters, and even emails. We also aid students preparing for the PERT's Reading and Writing tests. We encourage students to come prepared with questions and writing goals in order to make the best use of your time with us.

Instructors are encouraged to contact the LNC Writing Center Supervisor (call 407-582-6108 or visit LNC 1-236A) to customize tutoring services, schedule class visits, arrange required or extra credit usage, and more.

In the LNC Writing Center…
  • tutors will support you through any stage of the writing process: brainstorming, research, outlining, drafting, revising, citing, editing, and more.
  • you can stay as long as you want to write, think, and take breaks. There’s no rush.
  • students will receive assistance with both their immediate writing task and their overall learning.
  • students have access to resources such as laptops, whiteboards and notecards, writing strategy worksheets, fidget toys, hot beverages, and more.
  • we know that there are no universal writing “rules,” there are multiple valid standards and dialects of English, and what makes writing "good" or successful changes based on the paper's purpose and audience as well as the writer’s goals and unique voice.
Tutor Availability Is Not Guaranteed
If we receive advance notice of tutor absence, we will post the notice on the appropriate webpage. We encourage you to call if you need last minute details (407-582-7106).

Writing tutors…

  • are engaged readers trained to focus on students’ skill development and confidence.
  • are coaches and cheerleaders.
  • are non-judgmental, collaborative, and positive.
  • are not editors/proofreaders: we don't review every error and fix them for you.
    • But we do help you learn grammar, punctuation, and citations by explaining the concepts and giving you time to practice correcting errors.
  • are not graders/professors: we can't predict grades and we don’t teach course content.
    • But we can review with you the assignment directions/rubric, compare those to your draft, and discuss with you the draft’s strengths and areas for improvement.

To make the most of your visit…

  • Come prepared with relevant materials such as course readings, assignment directions, prewriting, class notes or slides, etc.
  • Determine the goal for your visit: come with specific questions or with an idea of what you want to accomplish while you’re here.
  • Actively participate by reading your writing with the tutor, asking follow-up questions, clarifying your goals and ideas, taking notes, and making revisions.
  • Give yourself enough time to complete your assignment.

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