Awards, Recognition & Corrections

Editors' Choice Awards 2020-21 (Volume 23)
Each year contributors chosen for our own Editors' Choice Awards and are given a $100 award courtesy of Student Development Funds. Winners have been emailed!

1st place ($100):
“My Father’s Whistling Peanut Cart” Sheniel Daley Hall
1st place ($100):
“Happy Mother’s Day” Kaleigh Merrill

1st place ($100):
“The Wish Collector” Jessica Moody

1st place ($100)
“This Poem Is Stupid” Jessica Moody
Note! It has never happened before that the same writer won in two categories! Way to go, Jessica!

1st place ($100)
“The Virus Does Not Move Itself” Tran Quynh Anh Nguyen

On behalf of the editors, designers, Prof. Jackie Zuromski, and Prof. Meg Curtiss, advisers of Phoenix magazine at Valencia College—Congratulations to you all! A sincere thank you to Valencia College's Student Development for funding these awards!

Editors' Choice Awards 2019-20 (Volume 22)

Poetry Winners

Megan Killion, "For Riley"  ($100—tie!)

B'younce Watson, "V" ($100—tie!)

Fiction Winners

First Place ($100): Keanna Vogt, "On the Coast of Zuwara"

Second Place ($50): Blake B Gama, "The Morning Star's Birth" 

Creative nonfiction Winners

First Place ($100): Jade Jemison, "I'm Not Afraid of Water"

Second Place ($50): Somto Nwadike, "Errands"

Poster Design Winners

First Place ($100): Julie Creus, (digital), "Talk to Each Other"

Second Place ($50): Ashley Ball, (digital), "Fade Into the Past"

Third Place ($25): Arlene M. González, (digital), "Power In Unity" 

$100 per category was awarded courtesy of Student Development.


The Phoenix magazine has garnered many awards and recognitions over the years. Awards include recognition from:

National ACP Pacemaker Awards
Since their inception in 1927, ACP’s Pacemaker awards for general excellence have been the most prestigious and competitive awards dedicated to student media.

Florida College System Publications Association Magazine Competition
This contest is open to any Florida State College, junior or community college that has a newspaper or magazine and is a member of the Florida College System Activities Association. As this is a student competition, all entries must be the work of students only, with no involvement of faculty or professionals except in an instructional or advisory capacity.

Community College Humanities Association Literary Magazine Competition
The Community College Humanities Association (CCHA), founded in 1979, sponsors an annual literary magazine competition, which highlights student work from all over the nation. The competition reinforces the mission of CCHA to help shape and strengthen students with their personal and professional growth in the Humanities. The Phoenix magazine has been entered for judging in this competition since 2008.

The Florida Print Awards
Sponsored by the Printing Association of Florida, the Florida Print Awards recognizes individuals who produce the best in print media.

The American Advertising Awards (ADDYs)
Sponsored by the American Advertising Federation, the American Advertising Awards, also known as the ADDYs, honor excellence in advertising and cultivate the highest creative standards in the industry. It is the largest creative awards competition in the advertising industry. Because it is the only three-tiered competition, an ADDY® is widely renowned as the most difficult advertising award to earn.