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"Strategic thinking is more important than strategic planning."
H. Mintzberg (1994) The Rise and Fall of Strategic Planning.

Strategic Planning 2008-2013

In May, 2006, the College Planning Council recommended a plan to the President for future strategic planning cycles at Valencia through the year 2025. The cycles were designed to complement the existing accreditation cycles with the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) and would integrate strategic planning into all college processes.

Work on the first cycle, the Strategic Plan for 2008-2013, began in earnest in the Fall of 2006. The Data and Situational/Needs Analysis Task Force gathered internal and external data about both community and college needs and shared an analysis for discussion on Learning Day, Oct. 31, 2006.

Strategic Learning Plan Refresh 2004-2006

In early spring 2004, a work team of Council Officers addressed those action items in the Strategic Learning Plan that were still under development. Their review included recommendations from the SACS Report of Reaffirmation Committee, individual college Goal Team status reports, as well as discussions of priorities suggested by a college-wide team that met with President Shugart. The result of that inquiry was the Strategic Learning Plan Precedence Diagram, which identified a logical order-of-completion for the remaining Action Agenda items in the plan.

This collaborative process resulted in the Strategic Learning Plan Refresh Report, approved by the College Planning Council in December 2004.

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Strategic Learning Plan 2001-2004

The goal of the 2001-2004 Valencia Strategic Learning Plan was to institutionalize effective innovations and to focus on improving measurable learning outcomes at the College. In it, outcomes and strategies were grouped into seven Strategic Learning Goals.

A total of fifty-nine separate Action Agenda items were identified for these goals. Of these, twenty-four were focused on developing, revising, or redesigning systems at the college. Work on these action items was monitored by Valencia 's Governing Councils.

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 Strategic Learning Plan (2001-2004)