Learning-Centered Initiative

Welcome to the Learning-Centered Initiative the Learning College Project at Valencia College

In 1995, Valencia College launched an institutional transformation initiative focused on collaborating to become more learning-centered. The work accomplished and the future plans designed under the umbrella of the Valencia Learning-Centered Initiative enabled the college to gain recognition in 2000 by the League for Innovation in the Community College as one of 12 international Vanguard Learning Colleges. This Web site provides information about Valencia's Learning-Centered Initiative for Valencia's faculty, staff, students, trustees, and interested community members, and serves also to share our work with other community colleges and interested parties internationally.

The Assistant Vice President serves as the co-chair of the College Curriculum Committee, and the chair of the Course Substitution Committee. In these roles, the office provides shared responsibility for curriculum development and support in maintaining integrity of program standards.

Special Appreciation

Valencia is grateful to the American Council on Education (ACE) and the W. K. Kellogg Foundation for their support during the formative stages of our Learning-Centered Initiative, which Valencia developed as part of the ACE Kellogg-funded project, "Leadership and Institutional Transformation."

Valencia expresses special appreciation to Betty Overton of the W. K. Kellogg Foundation, and to ACE staff members and consultants, Madeleine Green, Mary Linda Armacost, Peter Eckel, Narcisa Polonio, and Robert Shoenberg. Their early and strong belief in what we intend to accomplish sustained us in the early stages of our work.

Valencia also appreciates the pioneering work of the League for Innovation and Terry O'Banion in documenting, sharing, and encouraging the early stages of the Learning College movement, and for their support for the Vanguard Learning Colleges. The support of the League and our sister institutions will help to carry us forward.