Engaged Learning

Engaged learning uses active and experiential learning pedagogy to create immersive experiences designed to transfer academic learning to life outside of the classroom and build active citizens through community connections, pre-professional skill development, and personal skill development. In short, engaged learning is learning brought to life.

Why get involved?

Participating in an engaged learning practice has been shown to benefit individuals in a variety of different ways including:

  • Continuation towards educational goals such as degrees
  • Improved GPA
  • Expanded worldview
  • Stronger sense of community
  • Increased student engagement (Kuh, 2008)


Ready to get involved in service learning or LinC? Click here for easy access to applications, forms, and resources.

How to get involved

At Valencia College, there are pathways to engaging in all of the recognized high-impact practices. Some practices, such as capstones and e-portfolios, are embedded into discipline-specific degree programs, while others have a centralized college-wide focus. Select any of the following engaged practices to learn more about it, and for further information about those not listed, please reach out to engagedlearning@valenciacollege.edu.

Civic Engagement
Community-based / Service Learning
Internships and Workforce Services
Learning Communities
Study Abroad and Global Experiences (SAGE)
Undergraduate Research