NOTE: Purrcy the VC Puma is currently soaking up some sun rays on the purrrfect summer vacation and will be away for a few weeks! If you would like to have Purrcy make an appearance at an event this upcoming Fall semester, or have any questions or concerns, please reach out to the Purrcy Collective at

Appearance Request Process

  • Submit your requests at least three (3) weeks prior to the appearance using the online request form below.
  • No phone or email requests will be accepted.
  • Requests are filled based on mascot actor availability.
  • Priority is given to events in the following order:
    • Official College events (i.e., Commencement) (AVP or higher request)
    • Student Development events (Welcome Week, Spirit Week) (priority given to highest expected attendance)
    • All other requests (Photo Opportunities, Meetings/Conferences)
  • Minimum attendance for an event is 20.
  • Approvals and/or feedback will be provided within five (5) business days of the request.
  • Appearances will be confirmed 10 business days before the event.
  • We reserve the right to cancel a mascot appearance up to an hour before the event.
  • The mascot will not make any appearances at personal events.
Cancellation Policy

Although rare, cancellations happen. The mascot team does everything in their power to perform at all approved appearance requests. But, with a mascot team made up entirely of students, situations including illness, class conflicts, personal emergency, etc., may occur. We reserve the right to cancel a mascot appearance up to an hour before the event.

Need a V.I.P.

(Very Inspiring Puma)?

The VC Puma has become so popular, we developed brand guidelines for the use of the mascot mark and for Purrcy the VC Puma, our mascot character. You can showcase Purrcy at your next event in one of two ways: purchase a reusable life-size cutout or request a live appearance. Whether appearing in the form of a stand-up cat or showing up in purrson, Purrcy comes complete with just the right amount of “cattitude.”


Terms and Conditions

Before you make a request, you must read and agree to the following terms and conditions:

  • The costume is to be used only for official Valencia College and Valencia College Foundation events. No personal use or lending of the costume is allowed.
  • Puma participation will always include a costumed puma actor and a handler for safety and full event participation.
  • Mascot suits are not available for rent and may only be worn by trained, designated actors.
  • For the safety of our mascot team, all appearances are strictly limited to no more than a total of one hour in the mascot suit. The mascot actor will require a break every half hour if the event is indoors. During outdoor events when the temperature exceeds 85°, time in the suit is limited to 15 minutes in between breaks. Please allow extra breaks during that allotted time.
  • The mascot is unable to appear in severe weather.
  • Requestor must provide drinking water for the mascot and handler during appearances.
  • Requestor must provide a private location for the mascot to change and provide a secure, safe place to store personal belongings and mascot storage bags. This cannot be a public bathroom, closet, public space, etc.
  • Requestor must provide parking spots close to the event site for the mascot team to park. If there is any charge for parking (meter, parking garage, etc.), the Requestor is to pay for this in advance and/or provide a parking permit (if applicable to the event site).

Request Timeline

  • At least three weeks prior to your event, request the VC Puma using the online form.
  • You will receive email confirmation that your request has been received.
  • Within five business days, our mascot handler will contact you to provide an update regarding your request.
  • Confirmation Process
    • If the mascot is available to make your appearance, you will receive a phone call confirmation from the mascot handler. We will confirm the details for your appearance (including the mascot’s attire) and give you the name and contact information for the mascot handler and performer who will be making the appearance at your event.
    • If the mascot is not able to make an appearance at your event, you will be notified via phone. We do our best to fill all requests, but please keep in mind that appearances are staffed by students.
  • Your mascot handler may be in direct contact on the day of the event to coordinate details of the appearance. Please communicate any changes to the appearance at your earliest convenience to the mascot handler.

Request the VC Puma
3 weeks prior to your event

Email Confirmation

Request Update Provided
Within 5 business days

Final Phone Call Confirmation

Direct Contact with Mascot Handler