Transportation makes up almost half of Valencia's carbon footprint. With more emphasis on alternative modes of transportation - bus, train, carpool, bike, skateboard and walking - across the Central Florida region, there has been an increase of biking infrastructures and electric vehicle (EV) charging stations.

Downtown Campus

Traveling to the Downtown Campus? Find the easiest and most efficient route to get to Downtown Campus from your location.

Non-motorized Vehicles

Non-motorized methods of travel, including bicycles, skateboards, in-line skates, scooters, roller blades and any other means of wheeled travel, can be used outdoors on any campus or at any other facility operated by Valencia College unless otherwise posted.

For multi-use pathways and sidewalks, students should travel in a courteous, responsible and safe manner. Use caution for pedestrians, disabled persons and all property.

More information about the use of non-motorized vehicles on Valencia campuses can be found on the General Counsel website.  Read the full policy non-motorized vehicle policy.

Non-motorized Vehicles FAQs


Biking is a healthy and effective way to travel. Central Florida is currently working to provide more safe and functional infrastructure for bikers.

Juice Bike Share

Valencia's Winter Park Campus has a Juice Bike Share rack with five bicycles to serve students. There is also a bike club and CycleSavvy courses through ReThink Your Commute. We hope to integrate more biking infrastructure and opportunities for bikers at our other locations in the future.

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Valencia currently has charging stations on East and West campuses.

Our goal is to install EV charging stations at each campus. Orlando currently ranks second in the state of Florida for electric vehicle sales, according to the Florida Department of Motor Vehicles. It is also a top 30 national market for a number of models, including the Nissan LEAF, Chevy Volt and Tesla Model S, according to Pike Research.

LYNX Free Bus Rides

As part of a partnership with LYNX, Valencia College students and employees can ride the LYNX system absolutely free. Students can access their ticket via the LYNX mobile PawPass app.


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ReThink Your Commute

ReThink Your Commute is a free online tool funded by the Department of Transportation to promote and facilitate carpool matching in Central Florida.

A summer 2013 survey of more than 3,000 students from Valencia's East and West campuses indicates that 75 percent of students drive their own cars to campus. In addition, approximately 30 percent of Valencia's faculty and staff live 15 miles or more from campus.

Carpooling can help save on the cost of gas, tolls and car maintenance. Enroll in ReThink Your Commute's ride match program to be matched with other riders who have the same, or a similar commute schedule, as you. There is even an Emergency Ride Home program for occasions in which you have to get home before the carpool.

Consider these  Tips for a Successful Carpool (PDF)

Non-Motorized Vehicle FAQs

What is the Non-Motorized Vehicle Policy?

The Non-Motorized Vehicle Policy: 6Hx28:10-07.2 was passed by the Valencia College District Board of Directors on Wednesday, October 25, 2017.

The policy states:

Valencia College recognizes the value of bicycles, skateboards, in-line skates, scooters and roller blades, and encourages non-motorized methods of travel as non-polluting forms of transportation and healthful recreation.

Non-motorized methods of travel (bicycles, skateboards, in-line skates, scooters, roller blades and any other means of wheeled travel) are allowed to be utilized outdoors on any campus or any other faculty operated by the college, unless otherwise posted.

 Read the full non-motorized vehicles policy.

What is a non-motorized vehicle?

Non-motorized vehicles include bicycles, skateboards, in-line skates, scooters, roller blades and any other means of non-motorized wheeled travel. Please note this does not include hover boards.

Where can I ride my non-motorized vehicle?

Users may ride non-motorized vehicles on Valencia College parking lots, multi-use pathways and sidewalks on all campuses and locations, except in the East Campus parking garage.

With the exception of bicycles, no skateboards, in-line skates, scooters, roller blades or any other means of wheeled travel may go upon any roadway except while crossing a street in a crosswalk.

The policy states that non-motorized vehicles may be operated on multi-use pathways and campus sidewalks in a courteous, responsible and safe manner. What is the difference between a multi-use pathway and a sidewalk?

Sidewalks are designated for pedestrian travel. Although users of non-motorized vehicles may travel on sidewalks, pedestrians and disabled persons have absolute right of way in all situations.

Multi-use pathways are wider than standard 5-foot- or 6-foot-wide sidewalks, physically separated from motor vehicle traffic and include bicycle paths or other facilities built for bicycle and pedestrian travel. Please give right of way to pedestrians and disabled persons.

Where can I store my bike on campus?

Bike racks are located on each Valencia campus.

Where can I store my skateboard or scooter on campus?

Valencia College will add skateboard and scooter racks in the future. For now, students may take skateboards and scooters into the classroom, and employees, into their work areas. Students should consult with professors as to where skateboards and scooters should remain during class time depending on the individual classroom.

Please note that all non-motorized vehicles are prohibited from being used inside any building, except for mobile assist devices for disabled persons.

How can I report unsafe behavior?

Please report all potential violations to Valencia College Security.

  • Advanced Manufacturing Training Center - extension 4000
  • District Office - extension 3000
  • East Campus - extension 2000
  • Lake Nona Campus - extension 7000
  • Osceola Campus - extension 4000
  • Poinciana Campus - extension 6500
  • School of Public Safety - extension 8000
  • West Campus - extension 1000
  • Winter Park Campus - extension 6000
If I report unsafe report behavior, how will security address it?

Valencia College Security will address all potential violations and deal with each accordingly. Student and employee violators will be warned. For a student violation, if the situation warrants escalation, the student will be referred to Student Conduct. Privileges could be removed under extreme circumstances.