Selected Fine Arts Faculty

All art-making is a function of attention.

In varying ways, the works you are about to see look at the world and turn it on its head through manipulation, accretion, and destruction. Velasquez and Munster use fire to bring order from chaos. KYLE piles image on image on image in an endless stratification; Maxwell layers objects, photographs, and text in surreal complexity.

All of this is about forcing us not only to see an image or an object, but to see the world- to be aware of ourselves as we look, and to question not only what we see, but the way we see it.

Seeing is a full-body process. As you look at the works in these galleries, imagine the textures of clay, of oil. The smell of sulfur from burning matches, the sounds that words make. Observe your own awareness of the hands of the artists, shaping objects and images in order to make their own visions known, and knowable. The infinite attention which they give to their works.

Carlye Sina Frank
Director, Anita S Wooten Gallery
October, 2020