About Spring Arts Week

Our vision for Spring Arts Week is to create meaningful and inclusive arts experiences and programming at the college-wide level. We envision that students, faculty, and staff on all campuses will self-identify as part of the School of Arts & Entertainment (SAE) and annually work collaboratively creating an arts centric environment.

Spring Arts Week Goals

  • To inspire student participation in the arts at Valencia College
  • To educate both arts focused and non-arts focused students about creative training opportunities at Valencia College
  • To celebrate and showcase the skills and artistry of Valencia students, alumni, and faculty
  • To model, through interdisciplinary collaborations and featured hobbyists, how creative training can supplement a project or a life
  • To foster a greater arts community and mutual respect across campuses (Create a sense of an arts community that spans beyond the East Campus)
  • To introduce the Valencia community to diverse forms of creative expression, including the traditional, contemporary, and avant-garde
  • To engage in the conversation, What constitutes art
  • To facilitate a real-life festival submission process for Valencia artists, encouraging their participation in other Orlando and national art festivals throughout their career.

Spring Arts Week
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