Why Study Portuguese?

  • Worldwide there are more speakers of Portuguese than there are of French, German, Italian or Japanese.
  • Brazil's economy now has the sixth largest in the world behind the U.S., China, Japan, Germany & France.
  • In addition to Brazil - the 5th largest country in the world - Portuguese is spoken in nine other countries on four continents.
  • Brazil is the world's 6th largest economy according to the World Bank.
  • Florida's number one trading partner is Brazil, generating billions of dollars for businesses statewide
  • Over 1 Million Brazilians visited Florida last year, and they spent an estimated 1.9 Billion dollars in our state.
  • Valencia's Portuguese language curriculum has flourished for over 20 years, enabling its students to further studies and skills at universities stateside and in Brazil.
  • You can fulfill the Foreign Language requirement by studying Portuguese at Valencia.

Take a look at the Valencia Catalog for the Portuguese courses offered

For more information on registering for Portuguese at Valencia's West Campus, contact Professor Richard Sansone.


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