Students' Educational Experiences in Criminal Justice at Valencia College

Joe Nguyen

Valencia has been a great learning institution for me! Not only has the Criminal Justice Program provided me with an opportunity to learn about how the criminal justice system operates, I also have been able to explore what my career path in criminal justice will be like. By being provided with a wide range of professors that possess practical experience in the "system", I have been able to gain personal insight into what my future holds as a future criminal justice practitioner. Soon I'll be graduating with a 3.5 GPA and just want to say THANKS Valencia , I am now ready to pursue an exciting career in criminal justice.

Crystal Algea

Hi! My name is Crystal and I have attended Valencia Community College for the past two years and will be graduating soon. I had somewhat of a rough start at Valencia but with the help, guidance and dedication of faculty and staff I will be graduating with a 3.66 GPA and have managed to make the Dean's Honor List two semesters in row. Upon completing my A.S. Degree in Criminal Justice, I plan on attending the Henry Lee College of Criminal Justice and Forensic Science at the University of New Haven, Connecticut. Overall, Valencia has been a great experience for me. The professors have been wonderful and have challenged me to think outside of the box. I really think coming to Valencia was one the best decisions I made in my lifetime and look forward to the challenges I face ahead. THANKS VALENCIA !

Jonathan Curzon
selected for the Program Chairs "Most Promising CJT Student" award for Fall 2007.

My name is Jonathon Curzon and I am a transfer student who was attracted to the Articulated A.S. to B.S. Degree in Criminal Justice. My experience in the Criminal Justice Program has been very positive and I have been very impressed with the real life experience and expertise the professors bring to the classroom. In addition to offering an excellent blend of theory and practical experience in the classroom, faculty at Valencia have been very accessible and take time to provide excellent learning opportunities for students. Soon, I'll be graduating with my A.S. degree and will finish with a 3.8 GPA. My goal is to work as a federal law enforcement officer and Valencia has helped me reach my first milestone towards my career goal. Thanks Valencia for providing an interesting and challenging education.