Articulated Degree Pathway: Engineering

Associate in Science Degree

This pre-major is designed for the student who plans to transfer to one of the Universities listed below as a junior to complete a four-year Bachelor's degree in the College of Engineering. They are individually based upon articulation agreements in Engineering with the listed University. Students who plan to transfer are responsible for completing the admission requirements of the individual University.

Associate in Science Degree

  • Articulated Degree Pathway: Engineering at Florida Institute of Technology
  • Articulated Degree Pathway: Engineering at Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico, Orlando Campus
  • Articulated Degree Pathway: Engineering at University of Central Florida
  • Articulated Degree Pathway: Engineering at University of Miami


Career Program Advisor

Sandy AlvarezDean Counseling Advising & HolisticCoord, Program Advisor
Teena BhajanDean Counseling Advising & HolisticCoord, Program Advisor(407) 582-1796


Thomas DillenBuilding Construction WECLab Supervisor(407) 582-1599



Aref AltawamEngineering WECProfessor, EngineeringProfile
Mohua KarEngineering WECProfessor, EngineeringProfile


Stefan BidigarayEngineering WECProfessor, Engineering
Hank RegisSPD MathPart-Time Faculty, MathProfile