Engineering, Technology, and Advanced Manufacturing

Mission Statement

Consistent with the mission of Valencia College, the School of Engineering, Technology, and Advanced Manufacturing (CSELAS) seeks to prepare students to perform competently in the fields of building construction, drafting and design, software development, information technology, engineering, and a variety of engineering technologies by providing high quality programs for Technical Certificates, Associate in Science Degrees, and Bachelor of Science Degrees.


To achieve the goals of this mission, we will:

  • Develop innovative instructional methods by dedicated faculty involved in the scholarship of teaching via new techniques for learning and assessment.
  • Teach students to apply the fundamentals of science, mathematics, and communications, as well as advanced technical concepts in specific technology fields.
  • Provide a foundation and opportunity for life-long learning and adaptation to a changing, sustainable world, with a continuing emphasis on open access and diversity in a global economy.
  • Provide students with professionally-delivered learning experiences that are appropriate and innovative.
  • Encourage students to develop a solid basis of professional and ethical standards.
  • Provide the experiences necessary for students to strengthen their analytical, critical, and reflective thinking and to develop their collaborative and communication skills.
  • Serve the community through education and service programs which utilize and showcase the unique talents of Valencia faculty, staff, and students.
  • Maintain close relationships with industry through active advisory committees and customized corporate training and education.
  • Provide a strong foundation upon which students may achieve additional educational goals.

Department Info for Current Students

Valencia Engineering, Computer Programming, and Technology


Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers


National Society of Black Engineers Student Chapter


Society of Women Engineers


Florida Engineering Society Valencia College Student Chapter
FES Facebook Group


Lisa MaconSchool of CS, Eng, Log & Applied ScLaunch Dean, School of CS, Eng, Log & Applied Sc(407) 582-1420

Department Chairs

Joan AlexanderComputer Program WECProfessor, Comp Prgrm/AnalyProfile
Radu BuneaElectronics Engineering WECProfessor, Electronic Eng TechProfile
Masood EjazElectrical & Computer Engineer WECProfessor, Elec/Comp Eng TechProfile
Ashley EvansBachelors Software Development EACProfessor, Cloud ComputingProfile
Javier GarcesHorticulture WECProfessor, Biology/HorticulturProfile
Susan IngersollBioTechnology LNCProfessor, BiotechnologyProfile
Mohua KarEngineering WECProfessor, EngineeringProfile
Sanika ParanjapeComputer Program EACProfessor, Comp Prgrm/AnalyProfile
Andy RayBuilding Construction WECProfessor, Bldg Const TechProfile
Denise RossMath Office OSCProfessor, Comp Prgrm/AnalyProfile
Ana Tenorio SandovalEngineering Technology OSCProfessor, Engineering TechProfile

Career Program Advisors

Eric BoboPerkins Career Program AdvisorsCoord, Career Prgm Advis, E(407) 582-2188
Roxana BoulosPerkins Career Program AdvisorsCoord, Career Prgm Advis, O(407) 582-7135
Stephanie CamposCareer Program Advising EACCoord, Program Advisor
Gabriela CerdaCareer Program Advising WECCoord, Career Prgm Advis, W
Julie NievesCareer Program Advising WECCoord, Career Program Advisor
Leon SilasCareer Program Advising EACCoord, Program Advisor(407) 582-2209
Jon SowellCareer Program Advising WECCoord, Career Prgm Advis, W(407) 582-1973
Angel ValentaPerkins Career Program AdvisorsCoord, Career Prgm Advis, W(407) 582-8034

Florida Tech Scholarships for Valencia Grads

Each year, Florida Tech, a private university located in Melbourne that has been named one of the top technological colleges in the Southeast, and Valencia College make 15 Presidential Transfer Scholarships available to exceptional students who are graduating from Valencia College and wish to continue their undergraduate studies at Florida Tech’s Melbourne campus.

The Presidential Transfer Scholarship is awarded annually for students entering in the fall term only.