RN REFRESHER 1 - Online Only

Employment of RNs in Florida is projected to grow from approximately 137,000 to over 166,000 by 2013, and during this period 22,000 RNs are projected to retire, change occupations, or become deceased. When examined by age categories, the data show that Florida can expect to lose more than 40% of its currently licensed RN population over the next decade (Florida Center for Nursing, January 2007).

In response to these projections, Florida’s nursing programs are addressing capacity constraints and the state is working to become less dependent on outside sources for its nursing workforce.

In an effort to further increase the number of Florida RNs in the workforce, Continuing Education for Health Professions at Valencia has designed an interactive, instructor-led online course to prepare licensed RNs to return to the workforce. This online course, together with a proven clinical proficiency in lab and a 96-hour medical-surgical rotation, enhance the RN’s opportunity for employment in acute healthcare settings.

PRE-REQUISITE REQUIREMENTS:  Must hold a valid Florida RN license

The course provides a review of all areas of nursing practice and includes several tools for knowledge testing, skills review, and critical thinking.  Prior to gaining access to the online course, participants must register and attend a mandatory live orientation.

The RN Refresher 1 course is 12 weeks long and includes the following:

  • Overview and Nursing Fundamentals : Week 1
  • Medical-Surgical Focus/Care of the Adult :  Weeks 2-4
  • Psychiatric Care:  Week 5
  • Maternal-Neonatal Care:  Week 6
  • Care of the Child:  Week 7
  • Professional Issues:  Week 8
  • Essential Skills Review and Check Off: Weeks 9, 10, 11
  • Final Project :  Week 12

Components of the course will include:

  • Weekly text reading assignments
  • Weekly assignments:  graded
  • Online discussion questions:  graded
  • Live chat room discussions with instructor and other students: graded
  • Textbook-based practice quizzes and tests for review
  • Final individual project: graded
  • Clinical Skills Review and Practice (laboratory setting)

IMPORTANT:  Successful completion of this content and skills-based course is prerequisite to eligibility for clinical rotation in RN Refresher 2.

Your Next Steps

Step One: Application to Program

Applications to Program NOT BEING ACCEPTED.

Step Two: Dates, Cost and Enrollment

Registration is on a first come basis and must be preceeded by approval of your application. To learn more about the dates and cost of the program and to enroll with our handy shopping cart, click here.

Step Three: Required Textbooks

The course fee does not include the cost of your required text. You may order through any resource you choose to achieve cost savings. Use the ISBN information provided below and be sure to purchase the right edition.

Publisher: Elsevier

Saunders Comprehensive Review for the NCLEX-RN® Examination, 5th Edition

ISBN: 9781437708257

Step Four: Course Access

You will not be able to access the course prior to the orientation when you will be issued a user name and password.

RN REFRESHER 2 - Clinical Practicum

Most potential employers will require proven clinical proficiency in lab environment and in a medical-surgical rotation.  This course works with hospital and/or acute care settings to arrange a 96-hour clinical rotation with a hospital-based clinical preceptor and we provide a instructor to oversee our Refresher students while they are in the clinical environment. 

To register for RN Refresher 2, you must successfully complete the RN Refresher 1 - Online content and skills-based course described above.  In addition to the prerequisite course, participants in this course will be required to provide the following:

  • Proof of immunizations
  • Proof of current American Heart Association BLS Certification
  • Proof of respiratory mask fitting (FIT testing); will be conducted during RN Refresher 2 orientation
  • Criminal background check and finger printing through college-contracted service
  • Drug screening through college-contracted service
  • Proof of Professional Liability Insurance

A packet of information and forms will be provided upon enrollment in RN Refresher 2.

The clinical practicum will be scheduled in twelve hour shifts at the discretion of the assigned preceptor. It is vital that participants understand that clinical space is seriously limited by the large number of schools requiring clinical space and that the hospital staff will govern the schedule based on preceptor availability and the need for continuity.  Also, hospitals will require orientation to their medical records documentation and successful completion of such training will also be prerequisite to your assignment to a clinical rotation.

Your Next Step: Enrollment in RN Refresher 2 for Clinical Rotation click here.

Estimated Costs Associated with RN Refresher Program

  • RN Refresher 1: Online Course
    • Course Fee: $799
    • Textbooks: $70
  • RN Refresher 2: Practicum
    • Course Fee: $429
  • Estimated costs: clinical affiliation requirements
    • Immunization Tracking, background check, finger printing, and drug testing: $190 (Castlebranch)
    • AHA Basic Life Support Certification: $40 (renewal $20)
    • Malpractice Insurance: $100
    • Required immunizations and/or titers will vary by each student depending upon available records

Financial Assistance Opportunities

While there is no financial aid available for these non-credit courses, there are some resources available and we will pass those along as we become aware.

Career Source Central Florida has some funds available for qualified candidates. Go the the web location below to explore the qualifications and and availability fo financial assistance.


For more information regarding these courses, submit a direct inquiry and we will respond as quickly as possible.