International Student Eligibility

Health Sciences Admission Policy Change

Effective Fall 2017, Valencia College will begin accepting applications from International Students interested in applying to any Health Science Program - excluding the following programs: Associates in Nursing - Accelerated Track only, all Bachelors Programs and all Advanced Technical Certificate (ATC) Programs. All applicants must complete compliance and program application requirements to be considered for admission into the programs. Information and Program Guides for the eligible programs can be found On the Program's Information Page.

IMPORTANT: All applicants must meet the admission and compliance requirements (background check, drug testing, immunization and CPR certification must be completed at least six months before the anticipated start date to avoid any delay).

You can email with questions about compliance requirements.

International applicants will need appropriate work authorization to complete clinical experience and should work closely with the International Student Services office to ensure all eligibility requirements are met. For more details or any questions, click here to contact an International Student Services Advisor.