Past Presentations

The Humanities Speakers Series has had the honor of bringing some of the most exciting and innovative writers, musicians, scientists, and activists in the country.

Temple Grandin

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Dr. Grandin speaking
book signing
PTK and Temple Grandin

Francesco Attesti

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Photo of Francesco Attesti

Master pianist Francesco Attesti spent two days at Valencia in a program that was a collaboration with the Humanities Speakers Series, the Osceola Campus, and the East Campus Music Department.

Music students attended a master class in which Attesti provided feedback to students, gave career advice, and shared his experiences.

Humanities Students attended the second master class which featured Attesti explaining the development of Western music while illustrating key concepts by playing for students.

Attesti performed works by Schubert, Chopin, Brahms, as well as contemporary composers.

To learn more about the work of these composers, please click on the links below:

 Franz. Schubert (1797 - 1828)

 Frédéric Chopin (1810 - 1849)

 Johannes Brahms (1833 - 1896)

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Dr. Michael Shermer

See a recording from Dr. Shermer's performance on Valencia Live's Archives

During the last week in October, 2014, Dr. Michael Shermer joined the Valencia community for a scholar-in-residence program. Here are some of the highlights of his presentation:

Dr. Shermer
Primary thinking errors
Shermer Conclusion
Students with Shermer books
Shermer discussion
Humanities Speakers Series

Award-winning Writer, Musician, and Educator, James McBride

Image of James McBride

Renaissance man and bestselling author James McBride presented the powerful story of John Brown, a white American abolitionist who in 1859--along with 19 others--attacked the largest arsenal of weapons in America, ultimately prompting the Civil War by terrorizing the South and galvanizing the abolitionists in the North.

The presentation had the audience as McBride not only read excerpts from his award-winning novel, but also performed spiritual music from the time to make history come alive.

To see a short video of McBride describing his presentation, follow THIS LINK and click on "Videos" then on "The Good Lord Bird."

David Pogue

David Pogue

Edgy and hilarious science expert David Pogue wowed us with a presentation about the blazing-fast torrent of new inventions. He predict ed which will actually cause major, disruptive changes.

Musical Events/Presentations

A Night of Jazz

The musicians discussed the great musicians of the past, honoring them by playing their music, and at the same time will look forward by played new synthesis of exciting music.

Wednesday, September 17 at 7:30pm

The Phoenix Jazz Orchestra

Learn more about them on their website.

Performance of Mozart's Requiem

Mozart's Requiem

Mozart’s Requiem was a rich discussion about the mysteries that surround Mozart’s final work, “Requiem”, before his untimely death. The lecture was hosted by Humanities Professor Dr. Matthew McAllister, who holds a PhD in historical musicology, and was accompanied by professional and student musicians from the Orlando Philharmonic, Central Florida Southern Winds, Orlando Gay Chorus, and the Valencia College East Campus Music Department.

Dr. McAllister deconstructed central themes throughout the piece and took an in depth look at questions such as how much of this work did Mozart actually compose? Did Mozart believe he was composing this work for his own funeral? Who actually finished this composition after Mozart's untimely death?

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