About the Series


The Humanities Speakers Series began on a shoestring budget over 30 years ago. Professors Elizabeth Eschbach and Carol Foltz established an annual roster of writers, thinkers, artists, activists, and scientists to speak at Valencia College.

Many other faculty members have led and contributed to the series such as Dr. George Brooks, Nichole Jackson, Nicole Hill, and Jeff Orlando.

Dr. Kaku with students

Physicist Dr. Michio Kaku greeting and posing for pictures.

The Humanities Speakers Series was established and run with volunteer effort for over 25 years until recently with Dr. Stacey Johnson adding her support to the faculty coordinating the series.

Funding comes from the office of Student Development on the East Campus and the Valencia Foundation.

Nafisi with audience in conversation

Dr. Azar Nafisi speaking with students and audience members after her keynote presentation.

Today, the Series continues to grow and develop with our emphasis on connecting students directly to the great minds of today and inviting our Central Florida community to participate in our events.

Temple Grandin

Dr. Temple Grandin signing books and meeting with students.

Importantly, the views, comments, and work of our presenters do not represent the views of Valencia College, our administrators, or faculty.

The views, opinions, and positions expressed by our presenters are theirs alone. Our speakers and presenters are chosen by the Humanities Speakers Series advising committee and input from students, faculty, and community members.

Will Haygood

Author Wil Haygood best known for The Butler taking pictures and signing his latest book.

Upcoming Events

Please visit the Humanities Speaker Series Facebook page for information about our upcoming events.

Supporting the Series

Please consider supporting us by making a donation through the Valencia Foundation. Click on the giving page here, then please choose 'other' and enter the following designation: East Campus Humanities Speakers Advancement.

Thank you! Your support goes a long way!