CHM 1020 - Chemistry in Everyday Life

Meets general education requirement for non-science major. Study of some basic concepts in inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry and biochemistry. Students apply principles as they analyze, discuss and make decisions on chemically related problems that affect everyday life. (Not prerequisite for any other science course.)

CHM 1025C - Introduction to General Chemistry

Prerequisite: One year of high school algebra or MAT 0025C. Prepares students without high school chemistry or with inadequate background for CHM 1045C. Modern chemical theories used to develop understanding of fundamentals of inorganic chemistry and its applications. Emphasis on quantitative relationships, using dimensional analysis to solve problems. Laboratory experiences integral part of course. May not be taken for credit subsequent to earning C or better in CHM 1045C. (Lab fee)

CHM 1045C - General Chemistry with Qualitative Analysis I

Prerequisite: CHM 1025C or one year of high school chemistry with C or better and MAC 1102 or MAT 1033 or two years of high school algebra. Study of basic principles of chemistry, emphasizing formation of unifying model from collection of observations and measurements. Laboratory illustrates principles discussed in classroom. (Lab fee)CHM1045H GENERAL CHEMISTRY WITH QUALITATIVE ANALYSIS I - HONORS is the same as CHM 1045C with honors content. Honors program permission required. (Lab fee)

CHM 1046C - General Chemistry with Qualitative Analysis II

Prerequisite: CHM 1045C with C or better. Continuation of CHM 1045C dealing mainly with equilibrium theory, thermodynamics, chemical kinetics and electrochemistry. Laboratory illustrates principles of ionic equilibria within framework of qualitative analysis. (Lab fee)CHM1046H GENERAL CHEMISTRY WITH QUALITATIVE ANALYSIS II - HONORS is the same as CHM 1046C with honors content. Honors program permission required. (Lab fee)

CHM 2210C - Organic Chemistry I

Prerequisite: CHM 1046C or comparable college-level general chemistry course. Deals with aliphatic and aromatic compounds, their properties, reactions and synthesis, emphasizing dependence of properties and reaction mechanisms upon structure. Laboratory illustrates techniques of separation, identification and purification. (Lab fee)

CHM 2211C - Organic Chemistry II

Prerequisite: Satisfactory completion of CHM 2210C. Continuation of CHM 2210C with laboratory devoted to multistep synthesis. (Lab fee)