Social Sciences & Physical Education East Campus

Division Mission Statement

The mission of the East Campus Social Sciences and Physical Education Division is to integrate mind and body as well as to be a center for teaching excellence through courses in African-American Studies, Anthropology, Economics, Education, Geography, History, Physical Education, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology, Sign Language, and Sign Language Interpretation that satisfy requirements in the University Parallel Program alongside Career Programs. 

Our courses aim to develop an understanding and appreciation of the ways in which humans interact in the contexts of the past and present, as well as the methods we use to study, record, and analyze daily life.

Location and Hours

Social Science & Physical Education

  • Building 8, Room 105
  • 407-582-2628


Amanda BalesSocial Sciences Office EACAdministrative Assistant(407) 582-2436
Alaina BenthamSocial Sciences Office EACStaff Assistant
Darla BrownSocial Sciences Office EACAdministrative Assistant(407) 582-2443
Mark CollinsSocial Sciences Office EACDean, Social Science, E(407) 582-2375

Department Chairs

Ghazala AhmadEconomics EACProfessor, EconomicsProfile
Carl CreasmanHistory EACProfessor, HistoryProfile
Debbie DrobneySign Language EACProfessor, Sign LanguageProfile
Jane MaguireReading EACProfessor, EducationProfile
Dr. Tammy SabourinPhysical Education EACProfessor, HH/Fitness/PEProfile
Derek SchorschPsychology EACProfessor, PsychologyProfile
Melissa SierraSociology EACProfessor, SociologyProfile
Jovan TrpovskiPolitical Science EACProfessor, Political ScienceProfile

Academic Advisors



Alison AdderleyEconomics EACProfessor, EconomicsProfile
Heather BrysonHistory EACProfessor, HistoryProfile
Diana CieskoPsychology EACProfessor, PsychologyProfile
Edwin FernandezSign Language EACProfessor, Sign LanguageProfile
Jarrett FletcherHistory EACProfessor, HistoryProfile
Linda FreemanPsychology EACProfessor, PsychologyProfile
Jen KatzSocial Sciences Office EACProfessor, HH/Fitness/PEProfile
Paul LabedzPolitical Science EACProfessor, Political ScienceProfile
Mark LogasPolitical Science EACProfessor, Political ScienceProfile
Nancy MaurerHistory EACProfessor, HistoryProfile
Lilly MillerSign Language EACProfessor, Sign LanguageProfile
Bonnie OliverEconomics EACProfessor, EconomicsProfile
Shawn OlmsteadSign Language EACProfessor, Sign LanguageProfile
Tony PhilcoxPsychology EACProfessor, PsychologyProfile
Yasmeen QadriEducation EACProfessor, EducationProfile
Alvin QuackenbushPolitical Science EACProfessor, Political ScienceProfile
Darryl ThorneEconomics EACProfessor, EconomicsProfile
Adrienne Trier-BieniekSociology EACProfessor, SociologyProfile