Health and Fitness


Course Number Course Title
HLP1081C Fitness & Wellness for Life
HLP1090 Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction
HLP1093 Meditation for Stress Management
PEL 1621C Basketball I
HSC1100 Personal Health
HSC1400C First Aid/CPR
PEM1121C Yoga I
PEM1131C Strength Training I
PEM1176C Kickboxing
East Campus Fitness and Wellness Center

The East Campus Fitness and Wellness Center is a state-of-the-art facility designed to promote physical health and wellness for students, faculty, and staff.

Faculty and Staff


Dr. Jen KatzSocial Sciences Office EACProfessor, HH/Fitness/PEProfile
Dr. Tammy SabourinPhysical Education EACProfessor, HH/Fitness/PEProfile


James SalomonPhysical Education EACNautilus Assistant
Kiana SweetingPhysical Education EACPart-Time Faculty, Health and Physical Education