Frequently Asked Questions

How many levels are there in the EAP program?

There are six levels of EAP classes in the community college system. Valencia offers levels 2-6.

How many courses make up a level? What are they?

There can be up to 4 courses in each level. They are Speech, Reading, Writing, and Grammar.

How long is each course?

Each course is one semester long. The semesters are from August to December, January to May, and May to August.

How many hours each week are the courses?

The courses are 3 hours per week plus lab work.

How are the hours distributed each week?

Some courses are one hour per day on Monday, Wednesday, Friday.

Some courses are an hour and a half on Tuesday, Thursday.

Some courses are an hour and a half on Monday, Wednesday.

Some courses are 3 hours on one day of the week Monday through Saturday.

Can a student attend only one course per semester?

Yes, a student can take anywhere from one to four EAP courses in a semester.

How long does it take to complete each EAP level?

It takes one semester to complete each level, when the student attends full time (takes 4 courses). However, a student may take up to 4 semesters to complete a level.

Are there evening or Saturday courses available?

Yes, there are both evening and Saturday courses offered.

Can I take courses from my major while taking EAP classes?

No, you must complete all levels of EAP before you can begin the courses in your major.

Where can I practice English outside of class?