Medical Information Coder/Biller

Please review these changes/updates to the program before you apply.

Program Changes/Updates

Date Updated Effective Date Change
7/1/2021 Fall 2021

Program Course Offering Sequence:

The outlined courses in this Technical Certificate must be taken in the terms specified, as this is due to the courses being offered in only those semesters for Coder/Biller. The credits in this certificate program apply toward the Health Information Technology Associate in Science Degree (limited-access; has an application process).

Term 1: Fall (9 Credits)                Term 1: Spring (9 Credits)    ​
HSC1531  ​                                        HSC1531 
HIM1453 ​                                        HIM1453
CGS1060C/2100C  ​                      CGS1060C/2100C

Term 2: Spring (10 Credits)  ​      Term 2: Summer (10 Credits)
HIM1000 ​                                       HIM1000 ​
HIM2222C​                                      HIM2222C​
HSC1149  ​                                        HSC1149
HIM1430                                         HIM1430  ​

Term 3: Summer (9 Credits) ​     Term 3: Fall (9 Credits)
HIM1012  ​                                        HIM1012
HIM2253  ​                                       HIM2253
HSA1100  ​                                       HSA1100 

Term 4: Fall 9 Credits ​                 Term 4: Spring (10 Credits)
HIM1110                                           HIM1110      ​
HIM2729C  ​                                    HIM2729C 
HIM2810L                                       HIM2810L

Students who enroll for either the Fall-to-Fall sequence or Spring-to-Spring sequence, and successfully complete all courses, will complete the TC program in 4 terms.