OIT Staff

OIT Management and Office Support

  • Patti Smith, CIO
  • Emily Blinn, Executive Assistant, Sr

Enterprise Application Services

  • Maureen Williams, Managing Director
Application Programming Services
  • Bortie Teh, Director, Application Programming Services
  • Andy Mobley, Programmer Analyst, Sr.
  • Steve Sheikh, Programmer Analyst, Sr.
  • Lymari Maldonado, Programmer Analyst, Sr.
  • Irving Ortega Rodriguez, Programmer Analyst, Sr.
  • Peter Wen, Programmer Analyst, Sr.
  • Nathan Nguyen, Programmer Analyst, Sr.
  • Dwayne Smoot, Programmer Analyst
  • Edwin Cruz, Programmer Analyst
  • John Reilly, Programmer Analyst
  • Ben Reed, Programmer Analyst
  • Latife Erdem, State Reporting Analyst/Programmer
Enterprise Application Systems and Support
  • Chuck Kocher, Manager, Application Systems and Support
  • Seshagiri Parupalli, IT Database Administrator, Sr.
  • Troy Timberman, IT Database Administrator
  • Doug Johnson, Systems Administrator
  • Bernstein Stephen, Functional IS Support Spec
  • Adiaak Gavarrete, Functional IS Support Specialist
Web & Portal Services
  • TBA, Manager, Web and Portal Services
  • Jeff Danser, Web/Portal Developer
  • Melanie Hardy, Web/Portal Developer
  • James Jordan, Web/Portal Developer
  • Jeffrey Reed, Web/Portal Developer

Network & Information Security Services

  • John Knights, Managing Director
  • Angie Riquelme, Administrative Assistant

Service Desk
  • Mike Otero, Manager, Service Desk
  • Vinh Nguyen, Technical Support Specialist
  • Rob Aponte, Technical Support Specialist
  • TBD, Technical Support Specialist
Network and Infrastructure Services
  • Ken Rivera, Director, Network & Infrastructure
  • Kevin Matis, Server Administrator, Sr
  • Rickardo Stupart, Server Administrator, Sr
  • Michael OLoughlin, Network Administrator, Sr
  • Josh Focht, Network Administrator
  • Mathias Kajdi, Network Administrator
  • Shevon Antoine, Network Administrator
Enterprise Storage & Security
  • Orin Monrose, Director, Enterprise Storage & Security
  • Ed Delgado, Systems Administrator
  • Marc Moseley, Systems Administrator
  • David Renteria, Systems Administrator
  • Chau Phan, Applications Security Administrator
  • TBD, Security Administrator
  • Wes Sondermann, Systems Administrator, Academic/Desktop Systems

Project Management Office

  • Karen Wilson, Director, Project Management Office
  • Joyce Holloway, Project Manager, Sr.
  • Kaila Stringer, Project Manager

Campus Technology Services

  • Jamie Rost, Managing Director
East, Winter Park & School of Public Safety
  • Keith Hill, Director, Campus Technology Services
  • East
    • Melvin Moodie, Manager, Campus Technology Services
    • Steve Rukstalis, Technical Support Specialist
    • Steve Suarez, Technical Support Specialist
    • Joshua Chapkin, Technical Support Specialist
    • TBD, Technical Support Specialist
    • TBD, Technical Support Specialist (PT)
    • TBD, Technical Support Specialist (PT)
    • TBD, Technical Support Specialist (PT)
  • Winter Park
    • Fernando Gutierrez, Technical Support Specialist
    • TBD, Technical Support Specialist (PT)
  • School of Public Safety
    • Ed Livingston, Technical Support Specialist
Osceola, Poinciana & Lake Nona
  • Daniel Charriez, Director, Campus Technology Services
  • Ron Ginn, Manager, Campus Tech Services
  • Lake Nona
    • Mohamed Aleem, Technical Support Specialist
    • Noelia Vasquez, Technical Support Specialist
    • John Tillet, Technical Support Specialist (PT)
  • Osceola
    • Rooney LaPlante, Technical Support Specialist
    • Jose Diaz, Technical Support Specialist
    • Omar Rueda-Fabre, Technical Support Specialist
    • Nikolai Figueroa, Technical Support Specialist
    • Wilfredo Figueroa-Pagan, Technical Support Specialist (PT)
    • Sigfredo Plaza, Technical Support Specialist (PT)
    • Germain "Sid" Vasquez, Technical Support Specialist (PT)
  • Poinciana
    • Victor Rosa, Working Supervisor
    • Andrew Salaz, Technical Support Specialist
West, Downtown & District Office
  • Carmine La Pietra, Director, Campus Technology Services
  • Mehdi Khoumassi, Manager, Campus Technology Services
  • West
    • Sean Coamey, Technical Support Specialist
    • Edwin Lopez, Technical Support Specialist
    • John Watson, Technical Support Specialist
    • Aaron Ramlochan, Technical Support Specialist
    • TBD, Technical Support Specialist
    • TBD, Technical Support Specialist (PT)
    • TBD, Technical Support Specialist (PT)
    • TBD, Technical Support Specialist (PT)
    • Mark Knowles, (Work Study)
    • TBD, (Work Study)
  • District Office
    • Lorri Saldivar, Technical Support Specialist
    • David Lazarus, Technical Support Specialist
  • Downtown
    • TBD