Clean Address


What is Clean_Address?

Clean Address is an integrated address verification solution that corrects and standardizes postal addresses within Oracle® and Ellucian® . Clean Address provides seamless integration for address correction in real-time at the point of entry and for existing data via batch and change of address processing.


  • February 13, 2024 - County codes and a +4 zips updated in Production.
     Download New County Codes
  • February 27, 2024 - Clean_Address golive in Production.


  • Improved data quality for all contact information
  • Faster data entry time with fewer errors
  • Allows real time end-user self-service update
  • Integrated batch processing corrects and formats existing address records
  • Reduces or eliminates undelivered/returned mail
  • Reduces mailing costs
  • Faster mail delivery

Changes to Expect

  • Updated county codes in Banner to include county codes for all states (not just Florida)
  • All zip codes will include basic 5-digit code plus 4 additional digits to assist with mail delivery
  • Autofill of certain address fields in Banner after data entry of street address and city
  • Real time address correction of self-service address updates
  • Inactivation of current bad address in Banner after batch process is run.  Students will receive communication asking them to submit address corrections.