Banner Suite Cloud Move

The college’s ERP system, Banner, provides the College with an integrated system managing information about all people affiliated with Valencia College. This system is required to conduct the business of the college and includes admission, registration, grades, financial aid, student accounts receivable, human resources, payroll, accounting, budgeting, and procurement. The data in Banner is the College’s system of record, processing data to and from many other Valencia systems such as Canvas and SAS.

Due to COVID-19, most College facilities closed and a model of predominately online instruction was adopted. As a result, it has become increasingly important to enhance remote access to Banner for our students, faculty and staff. A major enhancement will be realized by moving from our current practice of maintaining an onsite data center to maintaining a cloud-based data center supported by external information technology partners. Following are some of the strengths and opportunities offered by a cloud-based approach.

  • Information Security – Utilizes Amazon Web Services' high level of security standards and expertise to enhance the College's commitment to information security.
  • Strategy/Innovation – Focuses the College on long-term strategic information technology needs and connects data and services using flexible cloud tools and environments resulting in new and innovative processes. It enables our employees/students to work/learn remotely and provide for better student experiences. It also increases speed to launch by reducing procurement and deployment of hardware.
  • Cost Reductions – Reduces the need for high cost equipment such as servers, storage hardware and back up hardware and allows the college to grow seamlessly. It improves capacity to handle demand at high volume times like the first week of the year that impacts student learning. It will also provide operational savings.
  • Business Continuity – Improves reliability against the many uncontrollable events affecting the College such as hurricanes, power outages and internet interruptions. It enhances our protection against physical disasters and eliminates the need for information technology personnel to drive into the campus during high-risk times.

Cloud Move Cutover Timeline

  • Wednesday, October 27 @ 5:00pm - Sunday, October 31, 2021:     All Production Systems off-line & unavailable to users
  • Monday, November 1, 2021 (8 a.m.):  Banner, Atlas and other major Production Systems back on-line & available to users

What will happen DURING the Cutover?

  • Banner and related applications will not be available
  • Atlas will not be available.  As a result, applications that are normally accessed from within Atlas will not be reachable.  
  • myISS for International students will not be available.
  • Students and Faculty must use to get to Canvas.  Class enrollment changes (registrations for future terms, drops, adds, withdrawals, etc.) cannot be made during the down-time.
  • Grade postings in Canvas will not be updated in Banner; they will queue-up and post once cutover is complete.  Banner Faculty Grade Entry will not be available.
  • The ability to reset Canvas or Atlas passwords will not be available.
  • Students cannot make tuition and bill payments.
  • Credit course-search will not be available.
  • MyEducationPlan (MEP-DegreeWorks) will not be available.
  • The public-facing web-sites WILL be available (,
  • Online Tutoring WILL be available.
  • Continuing Education registration WILL be available.
  • Outlook and Email will remain available.
  • Office 365 tools (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.) will remain available (desktop and web versions). 
  • Share (S) drives will remain available.
  • TEAMS, Zoom, Skype and office phones remain accessible.

What happens AFTER the Cutover?

  • For all Banner & Banner-related systems, users should login via the Banner Login Page
  • Users should remove all old browser bookmarks and replace with those found on the Banner Login Page.
  • Users will use the same VPN as always.
  • Users will use the same Username/Password as always.

Detailed System Information

Both Banner systems and specialized web applications that use Banner for data or Atlas for login will be unavailable from October, 27 - November 1.

Specialized Web Applications


  • Academic Probation
  • Course Schedule Search
  • My Portfolio
  • New Student Orientation
  • Non-Equivalent Coursework Form
  • Student Applications to specialized programs (Honors, Bridges to Success, etc)
  • Student Laptop Requests


  • Access requests (such as Network, Banner, SAS, Non-Valencia Employee, Faculty Tab)
  • Calling Campaign
  • Maintenance Work Orders
  • Phone Directory
  • Request & Manage Leave
  • Resident Verification
  • Secure File Download
  • Staff Listings
  • Updating Department Information
  • Valencia Forms


  • Action Research Project Builder
  • Class Rolls
  • Email Search
  • Faculty FrontDoor editing
  • Faculty Incentive Plan

Financial Systems

  • Budget Transfers
  • Invoice Payments
  • Journal Transfers
  • Requisition
  • Purchase Order

Banner and related systems

  • Banner Admin Pages
  • Banner Forms
  • BenefitFocus
  • Blackboard Connect Admin
  • College Scheduler
  • Course Eval
  • My Education Plan
  • MyISS (International Students)
  • Paper Cut
  • Password Reset
  • Sunapsis
  • Valencia Edge
  • All Employee SSB Functionality including:
    • Deductions History
    • Direct Deposit Information
    • EPAF
    • Earnings History
    • Electronic Hiring Action Form
    • Employee Separation
    • Faculty & Advisor Services
    • FLAC
    • Job History
    • Pay Stubs
    • Tax Forms
    • Time-Sheet processing
    • Update your phone number or address
  • All Faculty SSB Functionality including:
    • Faculty Grade Entry
    • Faculty Workload
  • All Student SSB Functionality including:
    • Account Summary
    • Certification Refund Request Form
    • Change Program/Major
    • Degree Audit
    • Enrollment Verification
    • Financial Aid Requirements/My Financial Aid
    • Grades
    • Graduation Application & Status
    • IRS Form 1098-T
    • Registration
    • Residency Forms
      Student Record Requests
    • Student Work Study
    • Transcript Requests
    • Tuition Payment
    • Waiver of Full Cost of Instruction Fee

Frequently Asked Questions

Will Atlas be available during the  cutover period/down-time?

No.  Atlas will be down the entire period of cutover.  See the 'Detailed System Information' above.


Will the Valencia website be available during the cutover period/down-time?


Will I be able to access Canvas?

Yes. Students and faculty must use to get to Canvas.  The ability to reset passwords via the Forgot Password link will not be available.

Class enrollment changes (registrations for future terms, drops, adds, withdrawals, etc) cannot be made during the down-time and roster changes will not be refreshed.  Drop/Adds and grade postings will not be updated in Banner; they will ‘queue up’ and post once the down-time ends.

Will email be accessible?

Yes.  If you use the web-based version of Office 365, please use

Who should Students contact for assistance during or after the cutover downtime? 

Students should contact the Student Helpdesk at or 407-582-5444.

Continuing Education students should contact the Continuing Education Student Support office at 407-582-6688.  

Who should Faculty and Staff contact for assistance during or after the cutover downtime?

Faculty & Staff should Submit a Help Ticket to the OIT Service Desk.

Dedicated OIT personnel will triage your Issue, assign it to the proper resource, and closely monitor it to resolution.  Your Service Desk Ticket will be updated as items are addressed.  Please be patient and know TITAN cutover issues will be worked as top priority.

Will the Valencia College Shares drive be available during the cutover?

Yes, and no existing data or files will be affected.

If I have questions not answered here, where can I send my questions?

Please email your questions to



Additional information is coming in the weeks ahead. Check back here to keep up to date with the plan for our move to the cloud.