Computer Hardware & Software Standards

I. Supported Computer Hardware Desktop Platforms
Valencia College will provide, via the Office of Information Technology, official support for Intel/Windows-based and Apple (Mac OS) computer systems. This policy respects situations where non-standard computer systems may need to be purchased for specialized functions and/or applications. Official support for non-standard systems will only be provided when such hardware environments have been approved in advance by the Chief Information Officer (CIO) or his designee.

Computers supplied to faculty and staff for office work and administrative applications must possess certain functionality and should be compatible across all networks, departments and campuses in order to facilitate ease of communication and use of college-wide applications. Academic system requirements should be based on the required functionality of the academic area or academic program that those systems will support. In some cases, conflicts may occur between required academic and administrative software on computer systems. In those cases, the College will attempt to provide a solution to the conflict and/or suggest alternative configurations.

II. Supported File and Application Server Platforms
The Office of Information Technology must approve all file and application servers that connect to Valencias network infrastructure. All such file and application servers will be subject to network and security configurations as required by the Office of Information Technology. This requirement is necessary to ensure the integrity and security of Valencias overall network infrastructure. Only file and application servers that have been previously approved by The Office of Information Technology will be supported by The Office of Information Technology.

III. Method and Level of Hardware Support
Faculty and staff computers will be supported through the Office of Information Technology Service Desk . Computers in academic labs, classrooms, and LRCs will be primarily supported by their respective department or lab personnel. Additional support may be requested from the Office of Information Technology Service Desk and will be provided based on availability.

The Office of Information Technology will provide primary support for all file and application servers that it manages. File and application servers managed by other areas are primarily the responsibility of their respective department or lab personnel. Additional support may be requested from the Office of Information Technology Service Desk and will be provided based on availability.

IV. Guidelines for Computer Hardware and Software Purchasing and Configurations
To ensure proper hardware configuration, software compatibility, and the ability to provide technical support, all requests for acquisitions of computer and network equipment (including servers and printers) must adhere to the following procedures:

A. Any desktop or laptop computer system configuration that meets all of the ACCEPTABLE criteria in the OIT Computer Hardware and Software Standards may be requested without contacting the Office of Information Technology or the CIO for review/approval.

B. Any desktop or laptop computer system configuration that meets any of the EXCEPTIONS criteria in the OIT Computer Hardware and Software Standards must first be reviewed and approved by the Office of Information Technology or the CIO. The listing of an item in the EXCEPTIONS list does not necessarily imply that the item cannot be ordered/purchased. Rather, this designation notes that the item must be reviewed to determine user needs, support issues, etc.

C. Any desktop or laptop computer system configuration request must be coordinated with the Office of Information Technology to determine if OIT support will be required for installation and setup and related scheduling/delivery issues.

Hardware/Software Configuration Guidelines Last Update: December 15, 2014

ACCEPTABLE (no review/approval needed)

EXCEPTIONS(review/approval necessary)

Please see the current hardware technology standards by following the link below:

Technology Standard Configurations

All hardware that does not conform to Valencia OIT Standards

Apple/Macintosh desktops and laptops

All file, terminal, remote access, and application servers

Desktop/LaptopOperating Systems Software
Microsoft Windows X 64-bit

Apple Macintosh OS X.x (pending review/approval on hardware configuration)

V. Computer Peripheral Guidelines
Each department should contact the Office of Information Technology for purchasing guidelines for peripheral items such as printers, scanners, etc. Requests for assistance specifying or obtaining a quote for computer-related items can be sent to

VI. Network vs. Stand-alone Printers
Volume of printing should determine printer needs. A network printer in a central location is usually the most cost efficient configuration and recommended whenever possible. If a centralized printer cannot be used, a standalone inkjet or laser printer should be purchased depending on usage requirements by the particular staff member. Hewlett-Packard (HP) printers are recommended for most printing applications.

VII. Computer Labs and Computer Classrooms
The following steps outline the process for building a new computer lab or classroom. It is critical that each of the following points be addressed prior to the ordering any equipment. Planning will assist in efficient allocation of assets and lessen delays in the process.

    1. Power
      Determine if the existing power can support the needs of the workstations that will be installed. If it does not, then new power must be installed. Also, consider whether the placement of power outlets suits the design of the lab.
    2. Air Conditioning and Lighting
      Can the air conditioning handle the additional load? Is the location to bright/dark for computers?
    3. Communications - Does the location of the new lab have pre-existing network wiring and network equipment?
    4. Design
      Does the design meet the state of Florida and ADA requirements for computer labs? All labs built at Valencia College will provide for and comply with all current laws and regulations outlining support for disabled students. This includes, but is not limited to, floor plans, furniture, and computer equipment.
    5. Workstations
      How many workstations can be safely installed in the location of the new lab? Do not attempt installation of 30 computers in a room that can only hold 20. Do the workstations meet the requirements of the software to be used?
    6. Server
      Is a file/application server needed? Who will support the server? Where will it be housed? Is an existing server going to be utilized or does one needed to be purchased? If using an existing server, does it have enough hard disk space and RAM to handle the new software? If a server must be purchased, determine the requirements of the software for a server. The College strongly recommends the consolidation of servers when at all possible.
    7. Software
      If using existing software, do additional software licensing agreements and concurrent user licenses need to be purchased? Also consider the hardware and OS requirements. Does the College support the operating system? What type of administrative support is needed for the software or end user?
    8. Furniture
      Does the furniture meet OSHA Safety Regulations? Does it comply with ADA requirements?

The design, power and communications for a lab or classroom are strongly dependent on one another. In a typical environment, if power needs to be installed, it is completed first, followed by communications. The furniture is installed before the communications is finished, giving the ability to install network cables. Finally, the workstations are installed. Before submitting general requisitions for hardware and software purchases, power and communications should be budgeted and installed. Also, it must be determined whether the requirements of the software can be met. Often, more than half of the cost of a lab or classroom is in the power and networking of the room/area.

VIII. Software Standards and Support
The table below entitled Supported Software Packages lists the software packages that are officially supported by the Office of Information Technology. Items listed under LIMITED SUPPORT may include new software systems being pilot tested and/or software which is being phased-out. In some cases, it may be necessary to upgrade a system to a FULL SUPPORT software version to resolve issues/problems.

Supported Software Packages Last Update: December 15, 2014



Operating Systems

Microsoft Windows 8 64-bit

Microsoft Windows 7 64-bit

Microsoft Windows Server 2008 (OIT managed servers only)

Microsoft Windows Server 2003 (OIT managed servers only)

Apple OS, X.x

Office Suites

Microsoft Office 2013, 2010 (Windows)

OSX (Apple OS)

Microsoft Office 2011 (Apple OS)

Anti-Virus Software

Microsoft ForeFront

Internet Browsers

Microsoft Internet Explorer v9.0 and above

Safari (Apple OS version only)

Mozilla Firefox v3.6 and above

Google Chrome

Email Software

Outlook 2013

Outlook 2010

Atlas E-mail

Other Software

Microsoft VPN Client

Faronics Deep Freeze Enterprise Edition

Microsoft SharePoint Designer

Microsoft FrontPage 2002, 2003

Micrograde (WEC only)
AutoCAD 2009 and above


1. This table will be reviewed and updated regularly.

2. When combined with non-supported software applications the above software packages may not function as intended. The College will attempt to provide support for such configurations on a limited basis. Support for all other software applications will be the primary responsibility of the department that purchased the software unless an agreement has been made with the Office of Information Technology for centralized support.

IX. Required Software Applications
Certain software applications are required to be installed and operating on all college-owned computers and file servers unless permission has been received from the Office of Information Technology to remove or disable these applications. The required software applications are:

1. Anti-Virus Software (Microsoft ForeFront or approved alternative)

It is a violation of college policy to remove, disable, or tamper with the above software systems on any college-owned computer unless prior permission has been granted.

X. Preparing for your new computer
While OIT recommends that users save their important files on the I network drive, many users still save files to the hard drive of their computers. In the event the hard drive files are not backed up and there is a hard drive failure, the user could lose their files, coursework, College documentation, which may be unretrievable. In addition, each user is responsible for the files and data in their possession. Considering this, OIT requires users to consider the following:

Once a new computer is installed all documents/files on the hard drive(s) of the old computer will be erased so before an OIT technician arrives to set up your new computer, you will need to:

1. Move any documents (typically Excel, Word, Power Point, Access, etc.) you have stored on your computer to your personal network drive (the I drive, which is backed up regularly). If you require assistance with this please contact the Service Desk or advise the Technical Support Specialist when you are contacted about the installation. We will not be able to set up your new computer until the files have been removed from the old computer.

2. Record any software license keys or similar information that may be necessary when OIT installs your new computer

Other items of importance:

  1. Only properly licensed software may be installed on college owned systems. For any additional software needs please have the original installation media and licensing information available. (Note: All computer system configurations must conform to the guidelines as set forth in the Colleges IT Policies. These policies are available online at OIT Policies).
  2. Desktop wallpaper, screen savers, music/MP3 files and such are typically not business or mission critical and are generally unsupported, nor are these settings preserved.

XII. Personal Home Computers
OIT does not support personally purchased computers. However, we will attempt to answer any questions over the phone that relate to connectivity to College services, such as Atlas. If the user reports use of a firewall or popup blocker, the user will need to contact outside support for assistance.