About Us

The Valencia Staff Association (VSA) serves as a voice for positive change and innovation through an expressed focus on growth and development, engaging staff and the community, staff appreciation and the reciprocal exchange of information.

Our Mission

VSA’s mission is to foster a positive and supportive workplace culture that values open communication, professional growth and community engagement. We aim to achieve this by providing a forum for our staff to share and express their concerns and ideas related to work, improving communication and collaboration among different campus departments, identifying areas for staff training and development, creating a peer support network for new employees, and participating in community service projects as representatives of Valencia College staff. Additionally, we strive to promote work-life balance and enhance staff morale by organizing occasional social and recreational events. Through these efforts, we seek to create a fulfilling and inclusive work environment that empowers our staff to thrive both personally and professionally.

Key Areas of Focus

  • Express appreciation
  • Build community
  • Exchange information
  • Engage the community
  • Support inclusivity
  • Foster growth and development
  • Be a voice for positive change and innovation

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VSA offers two awards to recognize the contributions of staff members:

Staff Association Leadership Award

This award recognizes outstanding achievements and contributions. Award recipients are featured in The Juice and receive a professional headshot photo and a lunch with leadership. To qualify, staff members must serve on the leadership board, spearhead and host three events, and apply for the award.

Staff Association Excellence in Collaboration

This award — open to all Valencia staff — acknowledges individuals or teams who have demonstrated exceptional teamwork, cooperation and synergy in their work. It celebrates the ability to effectively collaborate across departments, disciplines and levels within Valencia.

Leadership Team

  • College-Wide President: Rachel Emmanuel (West Campus)
  • College-Wide President-Elect: Isaiah Stanley (West Campus)

Valencia Staff Association Launch Board

  • Past President: Kari Makepeace
  • Coordinator, Academic Planning and Support President Elect: Mindy Mozena
  • Director, Student Services Communications Coordinator: Max Arb, Manager, Osceola Campus Operations

How To Participate

Join the leadership team in a collegewide or campus leadership role. The leadership team ensures the association achieves its mission to promote an environment that fosters awareness and enrichment through advocacy, professional networking and quality programming. Open to full-time, temporary or part-time staff.

Annual Events

Welcome Ceremony

Offers opportunities to engage in effective communication with leadership on matters of interest and concern to staff.

Staff Appreciation Day

Staff recognition and celebration.

Learning Day

Learning sessions focused on personal and professional development workshops.

Career Corner

A conversation on best practices for career advancement