Valencia's Collegiate Academy at Lake Nona High School

The Collegiate Academy at Lake Nona High School, developed in partnership with Valencia College, is an accelerated academic program that provides Lake Nona High School students with new educational opportunities. At present, students can experience selected college-level courses. Future planning will include the curricular options and scheduling necessary to complete the Associate in Arts (A.A.) degree.

Our Program

The Collegiate Academy concept is adaptable to multiple areas of academic and professional interest. Through a combination of course work, Advanced Placement and Dual Enrollment credit, students can build a highly competitive academic profile based on challenges and opportunities that exceed the scope of traditional high school programs. In addition, there are the financial benefits of no tuition, book costs or fees for participating students.

African American Female student working in lab
Asian Male student working in lab
Two Male Students and 1 Female Student working together in a lab
One Male Student and One Female Student working together with a microscope

Our Students

Lake Nona High School students who complete the Collegiate Academy application, the Valencia College Dual Enrollment application, and meet the following criteria are eligible for enrollment:

  • Unweighted GPA of 3.0 in high school coursework
  • A minimum PERT/CPT/SAT/ACT score determined by the program of study
  • Written goal statement on file in the guidance office

Our Commitment

Collegiate Academy students are dually enrolled in Lake Nona High School and Valencia College; our students will receive a high level of academic support and guidance from both institutions. Valencia will also provide Collegiate Academy students with access to the following college resources:

  • Dedicated faculty who are experts in their field of study
  • Library resources including books, journals and online research tools
  • Advising and tutoring services
  • Opportunities to attend college-sponsored cultural and leadership events as well as access to campus clubs and organizations
  • Access to online resources through Valencia's interactive portal

For more information, please email Joy Chambers and Isabelle Marcellus